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player editing

I for one am sick of seeing the same goaltender helmets for the teams. I understand the whole we can not put actual players helmets in the game because of copyrights or for artist reasons. Understood! My point is either one change the designs from year to year. Or allow us to change and modify the goaltender helmets like we can goaltender pads.


  • Another side note. We should be able to edit nhl players hair style and or beard length.Players who also have beards we can not make them go to cleaning shaving. Also some players go from short hair to long hair or vice versa. We should be able to modify that in the game as well.
  • I fully agree. Would like to edit hair style and helmets too. The more EA would let us edit/customize (i.e. hairs, helmets, faces, logos, sponsors on jersey etc), the more I would enjoy.
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