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Beta Tuner or Current Game?

Hey please comment on what one you prefer so that we can let all the haters out there (As well as EA) on what the masses think!


  • Just read comments on this forum, reddit, twitter, facebook, youtube and talk to people in EASHL drop in, you will get the feeling real quick that most people despise what EA has done. Everyone paid for the beta tuner and what we get is NHL 18. It's obvious though, almost everyone wants the beta tuner back.
  • Beta Tuner
  • Current game for 6s

    Beta for 3s
  • Beta.....hands down
  • Beta easily
  • Beta and it's not even remotely close. One was fun to play, the other is extremely boring and frustrating.
  • I don’t see a huge difference between the beta ...all I notice is the tripping has been toned down SLIGHTLY...which was needed in my opinion.
  • Beta x1000
  • Beta for sure
  • ExSnake01
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    edited November 2018
    Beta. Sadly, it seems like EA is ignoring this overwhelming feedback response after the October patch.
  • If EA Put a NHL 19 1.01 version in the store for 50$ to play it online I'd buy it, that's how good it was. This current tuner is funny to play. If you aren't getting trolled by someone ragging or trying short side for 60 min you are lucky.

    It's funny cause when you watch hockey you see either of those things work, but somehow it's in NHL 19.

    1.02 & 1.03 Updates: the "NHL 19, "Cheese and Ragging Edition" returns.
  • Beta beta beta
  • Beta beta beta
  • The beta for me but after reading that article that came out, apparently the devs don’t even see a difference in it lol
  • The beta had too much stick lift. The new patch I fee nerfed it too much. If you're face to face with a jabroni close range you shouldn't be penalized
  • If they fix the short side cheese I'd be happy tho....
  • The beta hands down much better than this garbage that is out now
  • kitchener_boy
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    edited November 2018
    Still talking about this?..EA has said they wont turn it back to Beta so whats the point?. We are so consummed about a game that's being dominated by 12 year olds..thats who EA makes the games for. Obviously realism is not this day and age..come on EA..it's 2018 going on 2019!.
  • They said they won't bring it back because of PRIDE! Please someone who makes changes give me a good reason on why you won't listen to the community? Is anyone out there??!!
  • NHLDev
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    They said they won't bring it back because of PRIDE! Please someone who makes changes give me a good reason on why you won't listen to the community? Is anyone out there??!!
    We listen to everything. The problem is that you actually don't all agree as much as you think you do. At the highest level you do -- the glory days of the beta were better -- but in the details, there are a lot of pieces people are asking for us to retain and/or are aligned were good ideas that when you look at the actual changes that were in the tuner sets, doesn't align with rolling things back.

    We can however consider more improvements moving forward and we are. Some of which may require tweaking existing changes or revisiting what we did and looking at other options to get best of both world scenarios, if possible.

    People don't want weak rebound goals or players bumped off the puck from behind on breakaways at low relative speeds but they also want the goalie to challenge shooters more and for players to not be able to hold on to the puck as easy when hit at low relative speeds. Players don't want the ai to play a big role in the outcome of games and want more user controlled defense but they also don't want to see players dancing in the corners where you probably use teammate support in real life to shut those players down easier.

    We are listening. Balancing a game when there are multiple opinions isn't easy. But we are listening and actively looking at options in case there are ways to get better results across the board.
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