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Cant get in World of Chel

I've been getting an error code every time I enter world of chel, I cant even get into the mode. I bought the game for this feature, fix this. I contacted ea and they did all they and I could do. And now I have lost all my progress in World of chel. I was Prestige 1 level 27.


  • Last night there was mass dressing room errors server wide. I imagine they are trying to fix the problem. All our club customizations were wiped too jerseys arena settings etc. Hope it’s workin tonight.
  • Same issue in threes drop in. All positions are filled and the dressing room error keeps coming up. Has been consistently happening for the past 3 hours.
  • Yep, had this issue today too. My friend hasn't played an NHL game since NHL 10 and wanted to play a game of EASHL and see how it is, game shared with him and this happened....

    Not exactly doing things to pull old fans back in...
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