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Making money

Will EA release new challenges? Or how do y’all make money if you have finished all the offline challenges? Playing TOW will get you 800-1200 per game contracts pack is 8k if you qualify for the weekly season 3 qualifying games and 5 season games you burn 8 k in the contracts pack. Just curious. I’ve been playing low level team vs tow and then using those used up cards to make sets.


  • Focus on specific milestones for now, December and Xmas challenges are just around the corner. 👍🏼
  • mhart123
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    Have you heard of trading? Buy low, sell higher. Simples.
  • Haha... trading... not simple. I can look ALL day for deals, when I find one I ALWAYS get into a bidding war that pushes it to its value so flipping said card becomes out of the question. I post something for auction cause I’m sure it will make me some coin... and no one bids on it, or 1 person does and they get a good card cheap off of me. That’s the story of my auction house life. Too many times I’ll buy something then two days later the acutuion house is flooded with the item I just bought and selling for half of what I bought it for. (primetime Vasilevsky for example. I bought one for 45k cause I seen them CONSISTENTLY being bid on at over 50k+ over a month ago. No one touches my Vasilevsky as more expensive ones get bid on and bought. No I’m stuck with a 45k Vasilevsky, that now, after the TG and Cyber Monday re-release of those cards in those packs came out You can get PT Vasilevsky off the auction house for less than 20k now) so at best, there’s a 20k loss for me. But I get a Base Kopitar in a Gold Pack and see him going for 6k+ on the auction house.. so I put Koitar up for auction starting at 2500 for 3 days... he gets sold for 2550k. Like really, is there a trick to actually finding deals and actually getting people to be bid on your items...
  • I find and buy a Brett Hull for 65k back when everyone was paying 85k +. No one buys mine for even 72k and now Brett Hull is flooded in the auction house and going for 45-65 k.
  • i'm with ya @Nyrangersfan05

    i'm super skeptical of the Auction House in general and don't have the time it takes to flip items for any decent ROI.

    i was able to get rid of those Thanksgiving Leaves and Nut collectables for a few hundered each but whenever i try to flip a player it never sells.
  • I bought a Boeser today for 5400.. all the rest are 30000+ because of the Thanksgiving set. It was up for at least 15 minutes before I got it. The Halloween collectibles are in the 3000 range. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. Humblebrag?
  • I just can say, that I don´t get into money trouble by just playing online games. I nearly don´t do any challenges, and by playing even with low level team you´ll get about at least 800 coins for one game. If you just look in AH from time to time you´ll get contracts for 300 - 350. And a last thing to point out: with 19 contrats for your team you are able to play 10 games. Even if the contracts are being bought as consumable pack with 400 per contract, you spend 7600 coins for 10 games. While getting at least 800 coins when finishing a game you should make some money...?
  • Swoops--73
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    An easy way is to just search gold rare buy now 3500. People list cards all day cheap. It’s time consuming but you can flip for a grand sometimes more or even use them to turn in for gold collectibles. My best 2 flips this year were prime Crosby and prime mcdavid. Got Crosby for 500k sold for 725k. Mcdavid for 700k sold for 1 mil. My current puck count lolwkk5immz21dn.jpeg
  • Wow swoops give me someeee 🤑🤑🤑
  • Just admit it bro you buy pack after pack...you don’t gotta lie to kick it
  • Just admit it bro you buy pack after pack...you don’t gotta lie to kick it

    Oh I did open some packs in the beginning to get a start but haven’t in about a month as there’s no need to.
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