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Worst Player Purchases

What are your worst purchases in the auction? Most disappointing to me are;
Legends 88 Tie Domi with a speed rating of 99
Legends 88 Ed Olczyk with a speed rating of 95
Both of these guys skate like any 85 rated player.


  • Domi has horrible endurance (77) which is why he seems to skate slower than his rating. He does far better with For the Boys & his “The Beast” active. Eddie O shines with Burner active & his Breakout Master is active.
  • As for the worst purchase, I’d have to say 87 Steve Thomas. His endurance is 75 and just doesn’t quite play at the same level of a Jari Kurri or most 87’s.
  • I have the Domi on defence, he has been decent - but isn't far from being cut -- might as well do it sooner than later to sell while the value is still reasonable. bought about 2 weeks ago for 130K in auction, all others at that time were going for 180K.
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