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Problem redeeming December collectible once daily objectives complete


  • Same issue here...also...on December 1st...once I completed daily objectives as well as received my time stamped free EA pack with collectible..instead of receiving December collectibles I received November ????

    What's even worse...how am I now going to be able to receive my Clarke at the end of the month with 3 collectibles thus far and counting missed due to EA issues....the tech support told me there is no way of receiving them afterwards....meaning we lose them...absolutely brutal!...way to go EA...issue a card like Clarke whom we all want and not one person is going to have him because of this....very well done!....wow
  • jake19ny
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    I’m sure they are aware of it by now as Socair has said. My guess is everyone will be given a token monthly collectable or two depending on the time frame. While there is plenty to call EA out on I doubt they will make everyone take it on chin.
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  • Here it's a bit different, I was able to get it yesterday as most ppl couldn't. Now today I have the same issue as everyone else. Can't take the last daily objective reward. Tried to logout//login, reboot the PS, nothing fixes the issue... I hope they will compensate us but I won't hold my breath.
  • That’s bad.
    Are you ps or xb or a mix of both?
    I am on xbox and had no issue. I have 9 so far including the ones from offline challenges and event objectives.

    Hope they compensate the people...
  • Is this happening on Xbox? I've redeemed 2 daily objective collectibles with no issues.
  • Cannot collect as well, zero help from ea so far
  • I am still having this issue.
  • Its only fair that EA rewards us with a legend bobby clarke
  • I really enjoy this game. The glitch, however, is really grinding on me because not only will I possibly miss out on the monthly player, I am missing out on in-game income every day by not completing the objectives. I decided to focus on other gains yesterday while they work out the glitch, and after seven games of 4min periods on rookie I amassed the rest of the shots on goal I needed to get Al McInnis - who is essentially useless, by the way, much like Roenick. At least with Roenick we already knew he was useless.
  • EA_Roger
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    As @Socair has posted on a few occasions, we have confirmed this to be an issue on our side and we are looking into it. I've gone through your posts and saw that some of you were directed towards the forums being promised a resolution from Devs/Community managers, this is not the case. Nor should you be doing troubleshooting at this stage. I've sent feedback to those who were mis-informed by our customer support.

    As for now you should keep an eye on this thread and I'll keep you in the loop for any updates.
  • It’s been three days and I can’t claim my daily reward (December collectible) it’s been expired for two days almost ... ea support can’t help they said

  • Dang it lost some collectibles cause of this. I hope we get some sort of compensation
  • boxcareamonn
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    EA...still no updates on this issue at all...come on...put some pride and a little care into your work...wow
  • jake19ny wrote: »
    I’m sure they are aware of it by now as Socair has said. My guess is everyone will be given a token monthly collectable or two depending on the time frame. While there is plenty to call EA out on I doubt they will band everyone take it on chin.

    since EA acknowledged it's on their end i'd guess your right but they left me hanging in October for all the times their servers were down when i'd try to open the 8hr pack and i couldn't get the Joe Nieuwendyk.
  • add me to the list. i sent a tweet to EAHelp on Saturday afternoon PST and took a pic on sunday morning.
  • Hello EA,
    when do you do your tasks correctly, come on what is that, i can not start the new day, i lose many December cards. Make your job reasonable at last
  • It doesn't matter for me, since they changed the daily objectives. Two month it was to complete one set, now it says open 3 packs. That sucks. How to open three packs without real money. It was nice until November, now it killed all the fun for me.
  • Cmon ea knows there’s a problem. Just sit back and take a deep breath. It’s a game people. Nothing’s perfect in this world. I’m sure ea will make it right.
  • I got the same problem!!!
  • c7c8jy7jtxbj.jpg

    I cant get my daily reward :(
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