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Spengler Cup 2018 as addon?

I liked the Spenger Cup tournament addon that EA implemented in NHL 18. So I hope that EA will add it also in NHL 19 thisyear again.. I would appreciate. However, if EA will do so, I hope they would let us edit the rosters of this tournament teams. As we can for the Champions Hockey league teams too.


  • darkryd3r
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    edited December 2018
    Thank you very much EA for having added the Spengler Cup tournament in NHL 19 too. One small issue with it with wrong jerseys:
    - Trinec wear Thomas Sabo Icetigers' jersey
    - Thomas Sabo Icetigers wear Trinec jersey
    Please correct it. Thank you.

    Another issue: the same as last year, Calanda is not represented as a sponsor on this year jersey of KalPa Kuopio Hockey Oy. Why is this? missing licence or error? Would be cool to have this sponsor too in this game mode.

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