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  • You know what? This is the last straw. I had a handful/ maybe six things for me to stick around and be in on NHL 20. That's all out the window. This is the last drop of the puck from this company I can take. I'm OUT.....
  • Dressing room error, cannot start a game in any WoC mode (club or drop in).
    This is for Xbox!
  • Tried for almost an hour to get into a game in club and different guys got booted as the game was loading. Even in a private game. You need to fix that asap
  • It would be nice if you made the damn stats for the players actually mean something in gameplay. High 80 and 90 rated players that get outplayed by 60 and 70 rated on any difficultly is ridiculous. 90 rated players that can't stop a shot is ridiculous. Get the gameplay right goalies don't hey hit on the head 10 times a game and shooters don't hit the posts 20 times a game.
  • i also believe that the scoring and assist player stats are broken also, i have more goals and assists than what i have earned. EA you did a great job ruining a perfect game after ps3
  • PuppyClubber
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    edited December 2018
    You released a completely insubstantial update and managed to break club completely. This is impressively stupid on a whole other level. This after the game was finally in a somewhat playable state, did that offend you? I'm not sure why you're assassinating your own title.

    It's a war of attrition between your negligence/ineptitude, and the fan base's extreme level of dedication, but I think you're finally winning and that's... well that's just a shame.
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  • joesaltima8
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    FIx the DRESSING ROOM ERRORS in EASHL. This is the #1 issue.
  • Can you guys add "CR" as a column when viewing club members? Last year it had it.
  • Please EA update some goal lights in Detroit, Washington and other arenas....and please add the new Brians goalie gear and True goalie sticks ..... :
  • I swear, even though you didnt say anything about a tuner update, that you did something with the tuner because the whole game felt slow in chel and as always, you still reward the guys that arent good at the game and make it so the guys that know how to play cant make plays
  • Short side glitch still exists. Sad.
  • Dressingroom error 100% of the time since last patch on dec 7... PS4
  • Fardawg9 wrote: »
    When im in game on xbox one my actions are very delayed .. like im talking if i try to shoot or move its a solid 2 seconds before my guy will do it. You guys making this game gotta do better, you just completely wrecked a game thats been out for months congrats.

    Yeah, I am having the same problem on the PS4, shooting is not fluid since update. There is a delay or timing not right. It was so fluid before, I thought my joypad was busted so tried another one but still same issue. Please fix this, no longer fun to play.
  • No problem with shooting for me.
  • So you neuter the backhand completely, because you cant manage to come up with a decent goalie AI to stop it?

    Well at least you left us that game breaking short side wrister that has plagued your game for a decade. A real staple item that constitutes close to 50% of every online goal scored. (In my experience)

    And its even worse this year since even well timed and positioned Defense often fetches you a penalty. So you just have to hope you block the shot, since you know the goalie cant.

    The only thing tolerable about this game is that in 3's Eashl, at least i dont have quite so many of your pathetic CPU players out there making an already broken game even worse.

  • well it looks like you guy's are working hard, i am actually getting more games in. thanx
  • I just checked 'Play Now',and I don't see the Blackhawks WC or the Bruins WC unis.
  • Gretzky 99 edition still displays Subban cover art instead of advertised Gretzky on the cover .

    Here is the thread I created with others having similar problem - https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/235442/my-cover-art-is-not-gretzky-like-in-psn-store#latest
  • Dude. What are you all complaining about??? We can now play against Finnish rappers. I mean, what more could you ask for??? I was starting to wonder why I haven't been able to play hockey against Finnish rappers yet. It's almost 2019!! Finally!!!!
  • Does anyone else have a problem with computer penalties in franchise mode or is it just me ?
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