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Enforcers breaking threes

Is it just me or is everyone else also fed up with enforcer defensemen getting 60 hits a game without interference penalties? From what I’ve been seeing using anything but a power forward or enforcer is impossible because you’ll just get murdered off the puck drop and then whenever you’re within 50ft of the puck. IMO this is completely game breaking for anyone wanting to actually play the game with some kind of skill.


  • Get better at avoiding hits, simple as that
  • I use a 5'7 169 pounds sniper and laugh when the big lugs try to hit me and completely whiff. Sure, you get sent to a new timezone when touched, but it's all in how you bait them into moving where you want them to go
  • Get better at avoiding hits, simple as that

    No it's not as simple as that. The OP is right. 3's is not real hockey. It is as Arcade as it gets. And why is every penalty a penalty shot? That's not realistic either. EA needs to order their burgers w/o cheese. Never, since my start with NHL '12, have i played less of this game. I don't even feel like going for all the trophies again. I would like to play 3's with my Playmaker build, but some checks are like Haymakers. I only play as PF in 3's to sustain hits.
  • It really isn't that hard to make them miss if they're a big enforcer. You can also lean over and send them to the ground. It's even more dominate that a sniper can put one in from the point 1 second after a puck drop.
  • Love when you a sniper and you lay a massive hit on a power forward
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