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Division 5 playing division 3

So I am in division 5 and I worked hard to get there and I'm playing a game and I started chatting with my opponent. Very nice dude. Turns out he is in division 3. I'm in division 5. He shoots from everywhere and scores. He even did it to show me and we laughed. So you want people to pay for this? I haven't spent a dime this year. But what a scam.


  • I've slowly worked my way just up to Div 5 - not played a game there yet - but I noticed as I climbed the ranks from 7 to 6 and into 5 that I could play opponents from as high as Division 3 when I was in 7, and 2 when I was in 6. I just hope Div 1 is locked out until i get there - don't want to have to face Gren and Miviens every other game to try and unlock Horton.

    I have asked about this to a mod in another post who said that for online clubs you could face teams as high as 5 divisions above you- when I asked if that was the same for HUT he didn't know but it seems reasonable and likely based on our experience.

    The one good thing I would say about having to face higher ranked opposition is that over the course of the 3 months since I've been playing the game my skill level has increased in line with the rating of my team. Since I unlocked more of the reward legends (Sakic, Modano, Macinnis) and kept collecting the free monthly legends (Ferarro, Niewendyke, Roenick) over the last month my win loss record has flipped from a 1:2 ratio to a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio in favour of winning. This includes opponents from higher divisions than me, or in Comp Seasons much higher ranking and win/loss ratio than mine. I've learned a lot from these battles (often defeats) how to play the game better, in particular how to defend better so while I don't begrudge the process, it would be nice to know before you started the match if you were being matched up with a balanced opponent or you had to be get ready to block shots and pay your goalie's medical bills for all the slap shots and one timers he parried away.
  • Well, having now played my first game in Div 5 and faced my first opponent from Div 1 - who had only lost 5 games getting there - my hope is dashed. I was just pleased that he didn't score double figures on me and that I scored a goal. The big difference I can see between these more elite players and myself is the way they can always seem to take the puck of me before I can set up a clean shot.

    Zone entry was night on impossible, he managed to poke and stick lift the whole game it seemed and only took two penalties and all of his goals came from not great offensive play per se; but stealing the puck from me with an aggressive forecheck and either getting breakaways or 2 on 1's from that or my defence being completely out of position after a quick steal in my zone.

    Before you all go "Hey, a great forecheck is great offensive play in real hockey!" what I mean was it wasn't great deke's that got him into the slot, it wasn't great passing (lots of puck ragging because I couldn't get it off him - more about that in a minute...) to open up a lane; it was niggling pokes and lifts, and bumps (not necessarily hits) that make me lose the puck but never seem to release the puck for me from my opponents.

    I'm not talking about ice tilt, I'm talking about skill. Someone who makes it Div 1 losing only 5 games is clearly more skilled than me. It's why Gretzky was the messiah on the ice; why Ovi is going to break records for goals this year and perhaps all time, why Sid can score from level with the goal post...

    Now then, bumps. I must admit I was not a very good NHL-er when this game first came out, so everyone bemoaning the fact that the current tuner doesn't play like the trial version isn't something I really noticed. As I've played the game more through the different iterations of tuner my skill level has improved (somewhat, only, obviously - 4-1 to the Div 1 guy) but also my team has improved to one that I feel would be competitive for any elite player to use; so gives me more than a fair chance to hit a one-timer or snipe the top corner because my players are more highly rated now than they were before.

    What I can't do is get the puck back. My pokes and stick lifts are not super accurate, so penalised and even if I do time a hit correctly it seems most players hit get off the floor faster than my guys recover from the hit animation - and they pick the puck up and carry on as though nothing happened.

    What I do remember from those first few games was you could skate into people and dislodge the puck a little - what this allows you to do is poke away without tripping because the opponent doesn't have the puck and it was easier to get the puck back, if you were in position.

    An elite streamer on Twitch yesterday alluded to something which may be in the pipe at EA to give everyone in the NHL community a belated Xmas present in January... Lets see shall we...
  • 1. look your joypad is fully charched
    2. dont put only first or second liners in special teams
    3. block the shots
    4. copy his style if he scores as hell but play his style better than he does

    You might be lucky @ chrismas and new year!

    have a nice time
  • Thanks jet set great post man.
  • Swoops--73
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    As im in division 4 and got matched up against a guy ranked 46 overall named bagelpizzaparty team wolf of hut st. I think I managed 6 shots in the game. Guy has some mad skills for sure. What’s even funnier is most his recent games are against people in division 4.
  • played a guy last week, it was his first game in hut and it was my 2nd go around in division 1. it was ugly, so i went and checked his stats to see how someone like this could get down to a lower division... I was like how could they match me vs a div 10 guy? this game is whacked. I play someone mediocre and get annihilated, and then i play a top50 with 6x as many wins as losses and win... im mediocre, nothing special.
  • Back in NHL 14 and 15, you could only match against players up to two divisions above or below you. In NHL 16 (or was 17?) they changed it to the current system that seems to have little rhyme or reason to it.
  • Played a few more and faced a range from across the divisions - won against the two from lower than me and the last one a opponent from Div 3 so it's very much who is available I think.
  • Swoops--73 wrote: »
    As im in division 4 and got matched up against a guy ranked 46 overall named bagelpizzaparty team wolf of hut st. I think I managed 6 shots in the game. Guy has some mad skills for sure. What’s even funnier is most his recent games are against people in division 4.

    This bagel guy is quite popular lad at the reddit. Seems to work the market quite heavily and apparently knows how to play. I would love to know how to check my opponents level, I'm in D3 atm but have been facing very good players down the road...
  • I was in Div 5 and played against Div 1 with a stacked team while I have a team of 84 overall. I was able to keep up with him for a period and half, but got destroyed after by his goalie, and his team of higher skilled players that pickup the puck super easily and scored esily on my 82 ovr Rask
  • EA operates just like every other cooperate business, only thing that matters is gross profit. my company is no different.
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