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Chemistry and Period length.

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edited December 2018
I’ll keep it short and sweet..see what you all think, if anything.

—it seems to me that often when playing 6v6 drop in’s, that the chemistry among players sometimes takes until the third period to really gel. With the length of game putting all sorts of other development restrictions of what I’m sure they are trying to pack into a game experience, it seemed apparent that longer periods would relieve some pressure on the mechanics. Maybe even making it easier, to make it more fun, for everyone. Personally, longer periods seem good. Games often seem to end right about the time when things are starting to mesh. So what do you guys think? Open to longer periods, or am I missing some good reason they are on the shorter side.
All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..


  • The trolls are the biggest reason to keep them short. That and when it turns into 6v2.
  • I agree the first ones annoying. The second as well but sometimes that just happens. Neither really amount to a reason I’d agree not to try longer periods though.
    All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..
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