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The Christmas set for trading in monthly collectibles was incorrect.


Around 5:00PM today EA brought back the Christmas sets for 24 hours. With that, there was an opportunity to trade in x3 older monthly collectibles for x1 of the current month.

With that, I traded in a bunch of December collectibles for what I thought would be January collectibles.

Turns out, the set just gives you December collectibles instead of January collectibles.

Between 5:00PM and now, it looks like EA removed this set as it was clearly not giving the ‘current month’ collectible.

I have about 13 December collectivle packs sitting in my Unopened area and it seemed like a complete waste.

Is there anyone we could speak with at EA to see if this issue could be resolved or refunded? Seems like a waste to trade x30 December collectibles for x10 December collectibles... in January.


  • You thought wrong though didn’t you. I looked at doing the same myself until I read, reward Dec. collectable
  • it clearly said Dec on the thumbnail on my Xbox.
  • Hm. You might be right. The literal description before clicking into the set states you can trade 3 from an older month for the current month. Perhaps going into the set and filling it out reads December.
  • I spoke to EA and its something that they cannot fix, we just have to be very careful next time.
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