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In the future, would you support rolling forward your team to NHL 20?


This is more of a wishlist item, that I think has been wanted for quite some time. Obviously, it would be HUT suicide to import your NHL 19 team into NHL 20 with full stats, but I also don’t think we deserve to start over from scratch each and every year. The idea would be a feature that would let you carry over your team from NHL 19 to NHL 20 so long as you were on the same platform. When doing so, the following would happen:

• Your active team will be carried forward from NHL 19 to NHL 20
• All players would become Gold Rare
• All players would become 80 OVR
• All players Quicksell for 0 or 1,000
• This action can only be completed once
• Your NHL 19 HUT team will be deleted

There’s plenty of ways that EA could make this a feature without penalizing players that haven’t played. Currently, we do have rewards if we purchase the SE version of the game, but I would also like a fair opportunity to keep my team.

Thoughts? Extra ideas? Discuss!


  • If your dropping all players to an 80 ovr, your starting from scratch again anyway, you would just have good names on crappy cards.
  • I agree, but I do think there’s some merit in building a team specifically with the players you want. Such a feature would allow this, rather than having to play with random players until you earn enough coins to ‘afford’ the same players again.
  • i have several ideas for EA to move to a subscription model for all the UT modes and seperate it from the traditional games but when i mention it to those in the industry they give a lot of good points why it couldn't work. i disagreed for awhile but it's not my expertise so i defer to them and have started to come off that idea.

    people cheating the system will always be the hardest issue to overcome but i wish they could find a way to help out below average players early in the season. my current record is 41-90-7 and 8 of those wins have come since Christmas and me being able to take advantage of having a lineup of Legends vs. teams of silvers and bronzes. i just made it to Division 7 in Online Seasons!

    a subscription model or any carry over would really penalize a player like me without some sort of handicap system like golf.
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