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100 Free Packs Achievement

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edited January 2019
Does anyone know what this actually does and is it real?


Edited title to avoid confusion. - EA_Cian
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  • YZ19
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    Think it just meens u get 30 gold for opening 100 daily packs
  • WealthyFriends
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    edited January 2019
    Is there any way to tell you that I can't imagine how you would interpret that as an award of 100 free packs without coming across as a jerk?
  • Now THAT's clickbait. Rubbing my hands all greedy thinking there was a bug but no - I've received this trophy/cheevo, it's for opening 100 daily packs
  • EA_Cian
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    'Sup. I've edited the title a wee bit just to clarify that we're talking about an in-game achievement and that you're not getting some award with 100 free packs. Carry on. :smile:
  • So this is just a System Trophy for opening 100 free packs, i'm guessing?
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  • this is an Xbox achivement and not related to EA as far as i know.

    i think this counts towards your Xbox Gamer Score (i'm about 1700 or so). i'm sure PS has a similar feature.
  • Thanks
  • YZ19
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    looks like you already unlocked it on dec 26?
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