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I have a solid team of 85s-87s with my one 91 Kane from Christmas. As a measure to decrease whatever this momentum is people talk about (which I more or less noticed on my way up to div 2 as I was usually the better team) I swapped my backup to a 52 overall to bring my team rating down to 85, instead of 90, which drastically changed the way the game felt. This aside my main point is, I was steam rolling my way to div 1, but now I struggle with a new issue. People who have these teams full of 92+ legends from whatever challenges or whatever, that I literally have upwards of 10 minutes of control on, and out shoot 3-1. What got me to write this post was playing a game against a 95 overall team where I out shot them 37-6 with 9 mins 25 seconds of control to their 3, and guess who wins? 5-2 for them. Now I'm not saying if someone is legitimately creating good scoring chances it's an issue, what I am saying is all these cheesers that wanted to sink their life into the game and lose all their games while doing it to complete these challenges for legends, now coast their way on face stats of their cards. There is no way I went from winning games 7-2 etc to still continuing to roll guys only to be scored on every shot. I have an 89 overall goalie. Literally 3 times today I had guys have less than 10 shots total in the game and score 4 goals in the first period. It's ridiculous, and while no one cares if I ever pick up the controller again,I know I can't be the only one dealing with this. it's annoying that to even be close to competing with these guys I need to drop divisions to knock the challenges off or dump a bunch of money in the game. At the end of the day it should be who has more skill that is the winner and I'm literally bending people over and spanking them only to be scored on every one of the few shots they squeeked out a game. Trying to make div one is like trying to get through a concrete wall head first. Either fix the goalie AI or stop giving legends 90+ stats in every category even tho they might never have been very physical or never really had good hands or never had a highly accurate shot. It's garbage. My only large defencemen that isn't a special card is Shea Weber and he literally got laid out by a legend Clark. He's twice his size and would surely run 5'9 Clarke over in real life but because of jacked stats who ends up having the play stopped to be stretcherd out of the building. Shea Weber. Please let me know your thoughts on this


  • The goalies have been historically bad in every NHL EA series. Once you get to division 1 or 2, the main focus is spending the entire game shutting down the 3-4 points on the ice that yield a goal 85-95% of the time.

    I’m convinced that the only reason glitch goals exist is because of AI programming, where if you’re playing against the AI and it’s “programmed” to win, these are the types of shots they take and these are the types of shots that go in.

    I’ve not experienced so much as ‘ice tilt,’ but rather host advantage. Lower overalls, in my experience, haven’t yielded higher win results. Quite the opposite.
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    I fully agree with that I'm talking about guys who end a game with 6 shots and 1 minute of control to my 47 shots and 8 minutes of control. It's impossible to keep the puck in their end all game, I'll get power plays they dump it out someone picks a pass off as I'm breaking out and shoots immediately from a poor angle and it's in because it's a 95 Modano or a 99 Gretzky. I don't care who the goalie is you're not getting 47 save shutouts but it seems to happen to me. As I said it's not a matter of being able to play to score because I had no problem before with scoring. It's the fact they have 95 Plante in net and all 95 skaters. Doesn't matter how bad they get spanked they score any shot they can get it seems. Idk, there's not really a whole lot of way to justify it I can post a shot of what the Toa and shots and powerplays look like number wise but still. There would be people saying I gave them "good opportunities" when they literally grab the puck don't even skate and flail a shot. That aside they're out there leaving me with 8 injuries a game because the only way they can slow my team down is destroy them 10 minutes behind the play.
  • jjb wrote: »
    Either fix the goalie AI or stop giving legends 90+ stats in every category even tho they might never have been very physical or never really had good hands or never had a highly accurate shot. It's garbage. My only large defencemen that isn't a special card is Shea Weber and he literally got laid out by a legend Clark. He's twice his size and would surely run 5'9 Clarke over in real life but because of jacked stats who ends up having the play stopped to be stretcherd out of the building. Shea Weber. Please let me know your thoughts on this

    Bobby Clarke was captain of the “Broadstreet Bullies”. He was known as a hard heavy hitter. Being big doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt from a hit. Also he’s not 5’9”.

    As for the legend cards, almost all (if not all) are NHL Hall of Fame players. Of course their stats are going to be high. And almost all of them are attainable without spending any coin, just complete the milestone. These are also (for the most part) end game cards. Honestly you’re making a ton of generalizations about these cards. There is no 95 Modano he’s a 92 (comp season reward Modano is 93), nor are there remotely enough 95 rated legends to make an entire team of 95’s & a 99 Gretzky.

    Talking about shots & goals without actually seeing the plays that led to them is pointless. Post a video or 2 of gameplay footage.
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    Lol rather than worry about the technicalities and coming at me like I just wrote this post as a lie to complain, why not focus on the main point? I haven't sunk every day since release in to get all these legend cars from challenge. Again the point being I don't care who your cards are if I'm putting 40+ shots on net to their 5 or 6 I shouldn't be losing. Don't act like I'm one of these people complaining about "momentum" I'm just saying there's too many people coasting by on good cards when in reality they suck at the game they have just played it more than me. I also never said being big made you invulnerable to hits , however people very clearly half the size of someone would only throw a huge hit if it was a hip check which they never are so. Think how u would like it's like MSL laying Chara out. 9/10 times it isn't happening.
  • jjb
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    I won most of my games up to div 2 with an average of a 3 goal surplus on the other team it isn't like I don't know how to create scoring chances either. I have an 87 goaltender I know it's not fantastic but not every shot should be going in. He looks like Swiss cheese. It ain't Billy either
  • jjb
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    People shouldn't be able to win games because they ground out a thousand hours into the game, I'm sorry but no, same with people buying the cards, at the end of the day yes if you wanna buy cards have atter but they shouldn't be floating you by on people you'd have no chance against if you had the same team as them, however if you don't agree that's cool I wasn't looking to have my whole post picked apart👌
  • I have had better “skill” playing with an 87 overall team than my 92 overall team with the same synergies. My d is more aggressive and I don’t get poke checked nearly as bad. But I can say my 85 hull scores and skates better than my 88 Hull with the same synergies. I do run into 94+ overall teams that spank me. But I can tell you my 92 team was getting spanked by 85-87 overall teams. And those lower than 85 gave me a solid challenge.
  • jjb
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    Fair enough, hoping beta tuners and smarter tendies will fix this. Have not had a guy score more than 5 goals on less than 10 shots today lol all praise to the most highest
  • Gameplay now is horrible. They really need to take a hard look of this crappy game. I used to have great defensive games. Not this 8-7 crap. Every other shot goes in now. It's like a welfare game. Players with average team playing like 95s. Its shameful. I will not play another game until its fixed.
  • Can you tell when I switched from 92-87 overall. lw3xzjlqhl78.jpg
  • All with the same starting goalie just a bronze backup instead of 85 bob.
  • jjb
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    Trebor that's exactly what I did, however you're missing the Point homie I'm not getting tough matches I'm steam rolling some guys and losing 6-2 in games I'm out shooting someone in a ratio of 5:1. This has been more or less fixed, considering it is just as easy for me to score goals now with this beta tuner. But I would put 45 shots up and maybe squeek out with one goal. They also made short side goals way harder to score which is what a lot of these weaving dirtbags would try and rely on. 1-3 shots a period shouldn't cut it. It sure wouldn't in real life
  • I understand your point and I think a lot of it has to do with the evening theorem that’s written in. Just like you can play totw or challenges vs the same team at different difficulty levels. I think if you have a 92 team vs an 85 team it sets your difficulty higher and makes it harder to handle the puck, score, etc. I am not trying to drive myself crazy with it but if I get rolled I like to look at the opponents overall through leaderboards and usually they are lower than me. I have been beat by equal teams which I usually chalk up to lower skill on my part. I am tired of the guys that can have 1 player with the puck crouch and skate bounce off every hit and score. It’s also frustrating when you both have the same player and theirs chases yours down when you have a breakaway. I have bu and s active on my teams so unless there is another acceleration synergy they should be equal at best. It should be to have the ultimate team you want higher rated players and your skills from playing improve individually but honestly I can’t tell if I’m getting better or worse because of the leveling system.
  • I did have a guy put up 18 on 27 shots against me. I put up 49 and scored 2. I was 87 he was 82 overall. I think it’s more of ea trying to keep games equal. I’m old school if you get beat you practice or make yourself better. So if I’m an AHL team I don’t expect to run a NHL team off the ice but with the leveling system a pee wee hockey team can beat and roll a NHL team.
  • To respond to the OP, I don't understand why teams comprised of gold cards should be able to match my legend team in speed, even out skating them in many games.

    Lower rated teams are way too close to top teams in terms of speed , skating ability. ..
    You complain about people "sinking their life into the game" for legends, are your probably the first to complain about people buying teams with credit cards. ..

    You're complain about the fact that the skill leveling modifier is allowing you to dominate everything but the scoreboard against legend teams? Guess what ? You shouldn't be. There's a reason why a player with 90+ shooting can score with one chance, while your 81 gold players rack up the shots with nothing to show for it.

    Bizarre game this NHL has become
  • I agree with you NYR_Nick. I have had more success with my 87 overall team than my 92 overall team with same synergies. I change some players out. I am tired of legends or players with 99 speed plus burner and speed active synergies getting run down by an 89 speed d with stick held to the ice. It’s frustrating to have a good team to grind out games and play many of them to get the reward players we all have the chance to get to have the basic players out play them.
  • That's right Trebor! I don't expect to win because I have better players, but I shouldn't be out skated by gold cards...
    What's the point lol? Really?

    I'm really sick of this "conspiracy theory " bd they try and throw at us. No tilt, no skill leveling.... they have dedicated servers and it's still there.

    Gold cards defenseman can catch my 94 Sakic, 94 Kucherov? Yet my team forgets to backcheck for 4 straight 2 on 1s?

  • Had a good one today my 85 Gretzky hops on the ice is open on the wing so I lead him with a pass. He gets the puck burner activated, on a breakaway outside the blue line. He got tracked down by an 85 Gretzky who had been in the ice from opposing blue line while skating backwards the whole time. His highest player was equal to my lowest. I think I’m gonna make the gear one skate backwards every game from now on. Lol
  • euck89lwosx2.jpg
    His best player 88 redden 87 smith. He also had 4 silvers.

    My overall is 88 had quality shots he scored on a breakaway after 85 Taylor hall skated through 4 defenders and kept the puck and in OT on a play from far corner across ice pass for a one timer.
  • Has anyone experienced in hut one game your team is speed skating out there and the next they’re treading through mud? I don’t understand why. It’s weird. And it’s not even against teams with lower overall ratings to make it even or whatever. Like I’ll play teams with legends and my team will keep up. Next game against legends my players are so slow, it’s super frustrating. My team isn’t full of legends but I have pretty good/fast team I would think, with burner and speedsters activated. Even my all star mcdavid and makita with 99 speed will easily get caught in these weird games. These are the games I normally lose because I feel like my whole team is so handicapped. It’s hard to get anything going. In this case, I wish the dump and chase in this mode worked a lot better. But anytime I try I just get beat to the puck anyways haha.
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