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NHL 2020 - National hockey teams

Dear NHL fans and Electronic Arts,
it is now more than 10 years since the last NHL game was released for PC. I have read a lot of rumors that the next one will finally be available even for PC. I wish that was true. I am 20 years old fan from Czech republic and I have always played mostly international matches and tournaments in NHL games because in the first NHL titles from early 2000s there were only NHL teams and national teams and as a person who do not live USA or Canada it is hard to love a team which is not related to my country. Since I was about 6 years old I have played NHL 2002, 2004, 2005, 06, 09. I have a lot of expectations from NHL 20 in case of national teams. Let's now move to some topics that I would like to mention and briefly describe.

1) EA please bring finally back accurate IIHF national jerseys for ALL states (not only for Canada and a few other ones). I think that NHL 2005 was the last one that actually has it. Also it would be nice to make historical jerseys for national teams like Czechoslovakia one for Czech republic and Slovakia, "CCCP" one for Russia (Soviet Union) or Canada jersey with a huge leaf from Canada Cup 1976.
2) Create historical tournaments with accurate historical jerseys, environment and players. Something like Nagano 1998 Olympics or Canada Cup 1976 would be really epic. Even pre-world war era with Canada, USA and GREAT BRITAIN in the lead of world hockey would be interesting.
3) I remember that until NHL 06 there were three options for international tournaments with eight, twelve and sixteen teams. This represented World Cup, Olympic games and World Championship. Also you could choose a host county. Please make it again in the next game.
4) Just add more national teams like Slovenia, Hungary, South Korea.

Thank You for reading this stuff. Do You agree with me or not? If You do please support this idea. I am for discussion. And if You find some mistakes in this article please accept my apology. I am not native speaker ;)


  • I really would appreciate national teams with licenced jerseys, stadiums, adboards, ices and tournaments too. Would be great if EA could get IIHF licences.
  • +10000000 Ready to pre-order 5 copies of licensed NHL2020 for PC :))))) For me, my children and my friends (for multiplayer game).
  • They don’t even need to make the jerseys licensed if they just tried an ounce to update them to look a little more realistic. I make national jerseys in my created slots so I can actually wear something that resembles the countries jerseys.
  • i totally agree!!!

    but when it comes to licensing i'll cut EA some slack. something like that requires all parties to be onboard and many times those holding the license just don't want to. add to it if your asking for the license on nations and federations that no longer exist or are being held by a dozens nations which could be the case regarding the Soviet one.

    same goes for the use of Olympics, Canada Cup or any IIHF tourney. EA could add a blank template to create your own but couldn't call it such.
  • Agree with all this. Even when Hungary made Group A they still didn't include them which is ridiculous considering some of the teams they do have. It's either pure laziness or they have no interest in putting any effort into international teams.
  • Chaldy
    1 posts New member
    if none of these, put the custom tournaments and edit tournament name, better than nothing...
  • Really wish they'd do more with national teams, licenses, more teams Juniors, being able to play international in be a pro and integrating it into franchise too. I have zero interest in Ultimate team or online anything.
  • f4n4t1kk
    1 posts New member
    just try NHL 2004 Rebuild, find it on tapatalk and you will be served : ) the best NHL PC game to date : )
  • I hate how lazy the new NHL games feel now. I have bought an NHL game every year since 1999 and I can honestly say this will be the first year I won't and it is literally because of the lack of National teams and customizeable tournaments I've given up.
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