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Feedback on legends

Anyone know a good place for ea to answer questions about legends in offline play?


  • Axel_Owretchsin
    296 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    Doesn't seem like they want to address the topic beyond a few we got months ago:

    that'd unfortunately cause issues as those can then be used in Franchise and break it. If we could fix it with the snap of a finger, we would, but we can't unfortunately.

    That's from September.

    It's been almost five months for a feature people bought the game for.

    But maybe it's bc it's a small team. Maybe they gave up. Maybe they literally just can't figure it out. No idea.
  • Maybe they are just a classless group of frauds.... not buying ea games anytime soon that’s for sure
  • Dont buy NHL 20 !!! Please spend your money for some better thing or experience then garbage game
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