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Fix the glitches in EASHL

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edited February 2019
For the love of god fix the annoying glitches. Ya know the same crap that has been around for years that the “devs” cant seem to fix. Score a goal? Nope glitch to a faceoff 5 min ago like magic! Happened to me 2 times in a row last game with one being the go ahead goal with 40 secs left in the game. Then there is games you play to the end and ends up not counting towards cr, goals, assists, points. And ill throw the ridiculous input lag this gamenhas this year in there too. Certain dekes take a sec to register, passes dont release immediatley and basic player movement either(no its not my internet). You do realize a big part of this community plays EASHL and some only play that. Youre alienating a lot of players by simply ignoring these issues. NHL will forever be the ugly duckling to FIFA and Madden, but that doesnt mean we dont deserve these issues to be fixed.


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