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Way too many penalties (Franchise mode)

Why is there 20+ penalty minutes for each team every god damn game I play?
Slashing, Slashing, Slashing, it's pretty much at the point where I play the whole game on special teams. It's ridiculous. I have the sliders all the way down and it's almost as if it's making things worse. I can't possibly be the only person having this problem. Has anyone figured out a solution to this absurd problem that somehow hasn't been fixed?
I have pics and video but this stupid website isn't letting me post it for some reason.


  • Farseglaren
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    edited February 2019
    As someone told me you have to go in to game settings, fine adjustments, and set ai slashing and hooking penalties on like 3 out of 100. That worked for me.
  • setaylor1
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    edited February 2019
    I have Penalties set to 1/4 and I have turned Slashing completely off. I read somewhere there is a bug with Slashing, but no real detail to support it. But makes sense as I too noticed Slashing as the most prominent penalty, so I just turned it off until I know of another update addressing this issue. Besides, with all the other extremely fair calls, you will not miss this one :)

    I still see games with 25-30 minutes of penalties, just not every game. The average I now see is 4-10 minutes for Season. 10-14 for Playoffs or a little more. Definite CPU aggression change in Playoffs.
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