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NHL 19 - Bugs and Glitches Thread

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I don’t see a bugs and glitches thread so I decided to make one. Post it and I’ll do my best to update the OP as needed. Thanks


WoC: In “Customize Skater” screen, player hair and beard color appears different than in game. Ex: blonde appears as dark brown or black in all styles

WoC: In club, player appearance and equipment will sometimes reset to default during the loading screen and in game. Player will appear as “Joe NHL” to the user with generic equipment and number. To others, this player will appear normally and with their custom equipment, name, and number

WoC: Color palette is not able to be used to edit helmet color in Club

WoC: Problem with female skaters not saving hats/hair styles, defaults to helmet


All Modes: Players can turn into the boards and be awarded a boarding penalty

All Modes: Players being called for a trip when you are in shot block and not moving stick

Online: Looping after certain goals, goal will count but faceoff will be in offensive zone

WoC: In Ones, puck will sometimes reset mid play although it doesn’t go out of bounds


WoC: Certain club and drop in games not counting, after game is over no XP is collected and “Finish Game” is shown instead of “Exit to Hub”. Kicks to main menu

WoC: Audio/visual, trainer, and controller settings occasionally reset to default when switching between WoC modes such as Pro-Am and Ones (being worked on as of September 6th, 2018)*1

WoC: Game occasionally will crash when customizing club or skater/goalie

WoC: Drop-Ins having problems with mismatched teams or players (being worked on as of September 13th, 2018)*2


*1- “We’re aware and are working on fixing it.” @TheFlopFish 9/6/18 9:26 pm ET

*2- Thread: “Not finding 6’s drop ins” EA_ONL_Producer Page 3
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    Not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, that was over a week ago and it’s not on the main page. I feel like it’s better to have something running for launch. I’ll add anything from that thread in this one
  • Our club has had an error code pop up every day for each of us at some point where it boots you out of the game completely. The Poke checking is absolutely ridiculous and everyone here tries to say anyone who complains about it obviously spams the button, yet the CPU AI players take just as many tripping calls as anyone else. Maybe they coded the AI to spam too eh? Orrrrr maybe the poke checking is ridiculous and EA needs to do something about this ASAP because games take over an hour to complete now. There's literally zero flow to a game anymore when a penalty shot is awarded every 30 seconds.
  • The shot block trip penalty has been in the current gen games since inception....
  • Getting really tired of games not counting.. I’m now at two. One club game which didn’t bring up the normal screen and now one drop in game that lasted 45 minutes and won in OT. Just “finish game” and kick to main menu. No record of me ever playing it. That’s over an hour of my life I’ll never get back
  • Franchise mode. Saving is jacked. Will say maximum saves reached cannot save even after saves deleted. Will say this even if you save over previous or create new.
    probably happens because I back out of the mode if my players fail to register goal in a game. I reload to the previous save I know before that game.
    The game has also crashed a few times for me. xbox one digital download.
    Most recent crash when I tried to propose a trade.
  • Crashed a second time. Have done trades before. Was sorted by happiness. Specifically tried to trade del sotto as Vancouver to Anaheim.
  • no crash when I'm not sorted by happiness
  • Player won't shoot sometimes in NHL 19 2-23-2019
  • Player wont shoot sometimes in NHL19 online play......... :( 2-23-2019
  • Is there a Franchise auto-trade block setting or is it a bug that the AI keeps editing my trade block?
    No, I do not want to trade my best players, and stop killing their morale by putting them on the block!
  • i faced a guy.. and after period 1.. the 30 seconds wait for other to resume bugged..

    at the end we both just see name of opponent and its was not going foward..

    for me it did go foward after a time , but my opponent no.. and he choose to leave..
  • bruhhh17
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    player will not shoot even when you spas the joysticks
  • Just simmed a game and my backup goalie got injured for a month. What did he do, twist his knee walking to the bench? Crazy.
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