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I’m tired of playing teams with Horton and sawerchuck, these are experienced players. They hide behind the net dangle spin all once they are up. Just play the game we understand you are good at a video game. It’s the same guys that watch every goal replay. Yes I am bitter about always getting matched up against these teams but win with grace. If you play a team without Horton on d guess what he isn’t your caliber.


  • I would say that watching replays is a rare thing in the upper divisions.

    Furthermore, the really good guys don't even use Horton, since he is "only" a 90 overall.

    I don't see that many players use Sawchuck in goal. I guess the good players rule him out in favor of better performing goalies.
  • Have to agree with @13ulow I've faced many D1 players with 600+ wins and not too often had to chase them from behind the net or wait while they admire the 12 goals they score on me.
  • i wish i only found poor sportsmanship playing this game.

    what upsets me the most are the team names and/or gamer tags. i am amazed at what get's through EA & Xbox.
  • horton is old news, just threw a comment on another post. online gameplay is at its worst right now, people more and more every year are looking for ways to manipulate the game in whatever they can to get an advantage. the days of sitting down and having a good heads up game are long gone. i thought id play online versus the other day instead of hut, lol, nothing has changed their either.
  • I have Horton Im in div 1 Im not that good I don't skate backwards and I don't glitch around the net.
  • I just had the most frustrating teammate experience ever. My centerman spent the entire first period at the other team's blue line. He refused to come to our zone and play any defense, and he just waited at their blue line for a pass. But what's even worse, he wasn't just being a cherrypicker. If anyone else actually skated up the ice with the puck, he would go offside before they could get there, so nobody but him could enter the other team's zone with the puck.

    As the first period progressed, I started looking for ways to report his unsportsmanlike play. Finding nothing available, I felt helpless. I didn't want to quit the game, but I also didn't want to sit through three periods of this. So I figured, if he's going to ruin the game for everyone else, the best I can do is ruin the game for him.

    So I started skating up ahead of him and going offside before he could carry the puck in. I hated being *that guy*, but I didn't feel like I had any other recourse. So this goes on starting from about mid second period into the start of the third, the two of us just skating around in the offensive end while our defenseman was no doubt pulling his hair out having nobody to pass the puck to.

    And then, go figure, a few minutes into the third period, *I* got kicked for poor teamplay for being offside too much. Our centerman was still in the game, and no doubt enjoyed the rest of the game as the only forward (our other winger and second d-man had quit in the first period), sitting at the blue line until the remaining d-man passed it up to him.

    So he plays like a jerk, and he gets to be the ultimate winner in this situation. And I still have no option to report him. Or even to avoid him - I can block him on Playstation so he can't send me messages, but that doesn't prevent me from being matched up with him again any time I'm looking for a game.

    How are we supposed to deal with this?
  • xPDogg65x
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    Ain’t drop ins fun.
  • i wish i only found poor sportsmanship playing this game.

    what upsets me the most are the team names and/or gamer tags. i am amazed at what get's through EA & Xbox.

    I agree jeff my son and I play battlefield also and getting t bagged after you get shot isn’t something I like my son be exposed to.

    People lack ethics these days.

  • I usually start passing it around without moving it up ice. If I’m on the other team I don’t try to score cheap ones and do the same thing with passing it around. Definitly doesn’t work all of the time but it’s fun ticking them off. Sadly the only option sometimes is to quit.

    Online gaming may be great but the ability to deadarm the guy acting like a tool is missed 😞
    All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..
  • Only reason I use Horton is because I dont have a card to replace him yet.

    I only play ROS if I need the qualifier collectable. Other than that, I just play champ competitive seasons. You don't run into scrubs like that often there.

    As for a goalie, I use AS 89 OVR Pekka Rinne. Bigger goalies = more saves.
  • My 89 overall peka does his best Swiss cheese impression when I put him in.
  • Jetset95
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    On another point of sportsmanship, can we find a way to get rid of these waste products - rhymes with words... who after they get lucky and score a fluke or glitch goal then just proceed to rag the puck in their own zone.

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