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In Need of New Events Sets and Challenges

So now that EA is recycling events it’s obvious they need some help with ideas for new content. They also need some more challenges and sets. Compared to EAs other UT games they are lacking big time.

Let’s start off with an easy one the next event should be an actual GOAT event.
Take the all the guys who’ve been in the GOAT conversation in MMA and put them in a similar to FOTY or school of fight style voting tournament to determine the GOAT.
This could add some much needed diversity of fighters to the weight classes. I’m sick of fighting McGregor and DC all the time. This Event could include DJ, BJ Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva, Bones Jones, Chuck Liddell, Hendo, Randy Couture, Fedor, and who ever else. There’s a lot of guys you could include in this and none of them should end the event with less then an Elite Card (they’re in the GOAT conversation for a reason). I’m not sure if they have the rights to Couture or Fedor (they were in EA Sports MMA) but seeing as how much you’d probably make in micro transactions pony up and get them in the game already.

Next how about some challenges & sets with The Ultimate Fighter show winners. Where you could recreate or rewrite some of there iconic/best fights. so many fighters already in the game or that need to be added that could get some much needed love Diego Sanchez, Forest Griffin, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Nate Diaz, Ryan Bader, Michael Cheisa, John Dodson, Tatiana Suarez, etc.

Challenges and sets based around the Greatest Fights, KOs, Subs, or Comebacks. Sets for your previous UFC champions, Olympic athletes, Fan Favorites i.e. Diaz Brothers, Derrick Lewis and Sean O’Malley or just Guys that we’re on Incredible tears TRT Vitor, Rumble, pre belt Hendricks. This game and game mode is in desperate need of more content. Time to step it up EA and get it together.


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