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Is it better to create a team with many synergies even if this means to play with 4 - 6 lower ranked silver or bronze cards? Or is the power of higher ovr-ranked cards going to give more effort to the team?

I am running two teams, both with 86 ovr average. First one with burner, the beauty as team syns and speedster, breakout, call the shot, passing playmaker and clutch player as individual syns.

The second one has the same plus it´s a trap on top, ovr-average is 85. Cards are except from 3 or 4 cards the same.

My feeling while playing these different teams is, that having 3 team syns doesn´t give any advantage. I even think, that the whole team skates slower - anyone who feels the same?

And my last point is again: do have got chemistry and synergy any effect at all? From time to time I run into sgold teams which seem to have no (0) syns activated and manage to drive circles around me and make me struggle in the offense...


  • this is my favorite question and i think it would be bad for business if EA ever gave us the correct answer.

    my guess and where i find the most success is to have higher ratings and boost them the best you can with Synergies. i don't know if there is a chemisty component but i get more success when i set my strategies to the player type on the face of the card. PFW, TWF, ENF, GRN i have crashing the net. PLY, TWF, SNP i Overload. my Blueline Synergies are in a like manner.

    then i do my best to have the player i'm controlling stay in their zone and play to their player type. if i'm controlling an Defensive D i don't rush him up the ice. if i'm a PFW i don't carry the puck and so on. i get pretty good play from the AI when i'm keeping to this and not chasing by over switching players and moving them out of position. i can't deek so i'm playing at a huge disadvantage and need to dump and chase, play back and hope i can get a few of the bounces to go my way.

    in the long run it really won't matter since a good player with an all Bronze lineup will still crush my 95 lineup.
  • martmet
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    In short, to answer your question, synergies does matter.

    But there are key things to consider. Your goal is to get better cards to help you win games. Not to stick with silver cards or bronze cards for synergies.

    If you're talking about synergies that boost scoring on your top 2 lines, maybe a guy or 2 on your 4th line that barely plays won't hurt you and provide boost to your scoring lines.

    Until you can get the same synergies... with better players. And that should be your goal.

    HutDB will tell you what to aim for. Then when you get the next affordable upgrade, your play until you have enough money for the next upgrade and sell what you bought previously to help paying for your most recent upgrade.

    Aim for synergies that give speed, face off boost, endurance and wrist shot accuracy.

    The previous comment says that good players with bronze cards can beat a 95 lineup. Well, that's not really true. With 99 speed and 90 endurance, 90+ accuracy, 85+ puck control... mid period the opponent will have players with no energy left and your 90+ players will out skate them and outshout them easy. But skill does matter yes. But not to that extent.
  • Although I believe that synergies help a little, the bigest problem is that we receive monthly reward players, 90 plus, that don't have synergies that fit our lineups. We also can't sell them to obtain coin to purchase players that have synergies to better our teams. Something is not quite right!
  • Jetset95
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    Team syns are very much in the eye of the beholder - BU is at mercy of the server connection, TB very much your players base ratings - adding 3 to passing on a 80 overall won't make much difference and when I had FB the only boost I noticed was the face off success of all my Centres.

    I run BU, TB, PP, CS, DZ, BM and S (very much redundant). With many of my players having PP and CS then pretty much the whole team can shoot more accurately, pass and deke and have better poise and without it the team feels very different.
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