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EA ruins it everytime there is an update!

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edited March 2019
Its like buying a new game after every update and its a waste of time trying to figure out all the new strange behaviors in the game.
I actually play the defenders and attack the puck carrier every time my opponent attacks but are often punished when trying to switch player and usually becomes the one furthest away from the action.
Backskating is still laughable so i have stopped watching games between top players.

Shouldnt ea have learnt something after developing this game for so many years?
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  • Kuus2
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    1-4 and nz trap, you are welcome. They can spin all they want but you can just stay in their way.
  • That dosn´t work if the opponent are up one goal.
    Puck dragers are everywhere and many times you will loose the game because puck dragers are not accounted for in the ai.
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