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All these years and EA doesn't know the rules.


Rule 63. If it doesn't go over the glass - ie the bench area. It is NOT delay of game.
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  • Z0mbieBabyJesus
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    edited March 2019
    Isn't it only not a penalty, if it goes into the bench at a lower height than the glass? I always thought if it was higher than the glass and went over the bench, it was a penalty.

    I don't get penalties for shooting into the bench. Only if I dump it, and it goes over the bench higher than the glass. Lower than the glass, no penalty, which is how I understand the rule to work.
  • I’ve shot the puck into the bench many times and never got a penalty
  • kitchener_boy
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    edited March 2019
    They haven't known the rules way back in NHL 14. ..
    1 When opponet takes the net off on purpose,the faceoff should be outside the zone, not in my zone.
    2 Grabbing a player without the puck so he can'not join the play is INTERFERNECE.
    Two of the things that stood out to me. So yes I agree,EA doesn't seem to know the rules,it's by design so the little 12 year olds can cheat!.
  • https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/epicxowned/video/70854762

    This is somehow an icing despite the goalie coming out of the net. If you know the rules about icing, if a goalie comes out, the icing gets waved off.

    I’ve made a thread a while back about how bad icing calls are with now deleted clips.
  • TheMajjam
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    edited March 2019
    Beta was better. LOL. Nice touch.

    No lies detected.
  • EA still makes mistakes with the icing rules as well as the faceoff positions after intentional offsides to prevent icings.
  • How is about the 9 or10 games ELC rules ? Why they are not in the game for Rookies ?
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