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Audio presentation idea.

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We have the professional announcers for club...hut etc.
We have the over the top announcers for 3s arcade.

Why not add a middle ground type duo for the drop in games?

“He’s holding on to the puck for way to long...there’s no wonder why he’s lying on the ice in pain.”

“Another goal!!! ...you can tell he’s just warming up before his club is ready”

“4 breakaway goals in the first period!! .....Can’t blame the goalie so far!”

“That skull cap is pretty...but maybe he should think about investing in a helmet...concussions are not good for the brain!”

“Ohhhhh....he tries the snipe...that was a guaranteed goal back in the day when he got his legend 3 card in the first week”

“What a play...WHAT A PLAY!!!! The forward passed it to the point!!!! Save that on to your game DVR boys!”

“No goals after 3 periods. We’re heading into overtime...can you believe it? The boys at the pond find themselves engulfed in an epic battle!”

@EA_Roger @NHLDev
I’d be more than happy to fly in and do the voice overs. I have a buddy that does professional voice overs as well. He played Nathan Prescott in the video game “Life is Strange” and does the voice of Robin in the Batman and Robin animated series...amongst other roles.
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