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Event reward

Has anyone done all the tasks of the TOTY event? What was in that pack you get as a reward? Ist there anything usefull?


  • xPDogg65x
    829 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    It’s just a pack, nothing guaranteed, you have a slim chance of getting something good.
  • OK. I thought maybe we get on guaranted TOTY player or something like that. Because scoring 250 goals ist pretty much and we got some good rewards for doing easier things early in the game.
  • monz
    958 posts Member
    It's also untradable, i did get a collectable out of mine though.
  • ChuckNorrisCup16
    208 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    Yeah another joke by EA here have a free pack, but guess what you can't trade any of it, even if you get a collectible they won't even let you trade it to get some coins to buy something else, game is a joke.

    Oh and this 5% tax they add when selling something is another joke, reading past years responses and they try justify it by saying it was worth it to help with inflation or something stupid like that, it doesn't help with anything it's just a complete joke.
  • Very disappointed with my pack, only an 85, now a worthless card. With receiving all the useless jerseys during the grind, I expected 1 good card in this pack worth 50,000 coins.
  • RSO75
    86 posts Member
    Got my pack and my 82 Ryan Suter for like the 100th time, whoopie!!! Thanks EA :s
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