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Franchise GM Mode 32.Teams CUSTOM ROSTER Bug?

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Where is the difference between 32.Teams Standard Roster and 32.Teams Custom Roster, if both starts with an Expansion Draft!?

I created a new 32. Team, where i had to choose and compile a own "fantasy" Roster to save it.

But where is the possibility to use the OWN Roster in that GM CUSTOM ROSTER Mode?


  • Use the first option without expansion (think it is called standard mode or something) and replace one of the teams with your created team? It will have your own roster on it wont it?

  • przondzion
    2 posts New member
    Thanks for the Idea. But i wanna play against all the 31. other regular Teams and there must be a reason why the GM Mode with 32.Teams Custom Roster doesn't work?! Apparently this bug does not interest anyone here from the NHL pros!? That the "lovin" Game is somehow incomplete …
  • przondzion
    2 posts New member
    Thanks Farseglaren – for now it works that way! : )
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