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Oh hey, remember Legends?

Remember being promised that we could use Legends offline in "multiple ways"?

Remember EA promoting the game by using screenshots and videos of Legends holding the Cup, something that's impossible to do in NHL19?

Remember when an EA Community Manager said that they were "working towards" implementing Legends into Franchise Mode?

Remember when EA wasn't solely focused on HUT and cash-grab lootbox schemes?

We were falsely advertised a product that did not deliver on a core feature that a large chunk of the marketing was based around. And when they were called out, the issue was largely neglected and swept under the rug until everyone eventually forgot about it.

I didn't. I remember.

Call me bitter, call me petty, call me a whiner. What has happened with this game and this series should not be forgotten, and the developers should not be let off the hook.


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