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NHL 20 wishlist and suggestions


  • An automatic hockey bag opener
  • An automatic hockey bag opener

    Or even better get rid of hockey bags, just see the items you've earned when you earn them. Hockey bags was a total waste of everyone's time
  • If they don’t do much more with better statistics and customization like basic things that all real players need to have a pic, most to have their real likeness, Goalie masks or creator and a story in Franchise mode. Roster upload from 19 and sharing, pic and face scan upload for all missing or created players from PC to your account. No chance, will not buy. Since years nearly the same in this points. Than I can stay with 19. I don’t need again a copy and paste in this.
  • Online couch co-op in ALL modes, except for Be a Pro. Especially season mode. I just want to jump on with a buddy halfway across the country and play a few games and eventually play for the cup. HUT is okay, but requires significantly more money and/or time.

    A new Be a Pro mode where you take over an actual NHL player's career, instead of making a new one. Player lock would be nice in other modes as well.

    It's junk that if I accidentally tilt the stick just a little up or down when I'm setting up for a face off that I get the "Too Early" warning and that's it. You should be able to let go of the stick and then reset. Maybe the ref kicks you out of the circle instead. Anything is better than automatically losing the faceoff especially when they can come 3-5 seconds after the fact. Real players jump the gun all the time, and still recover and win face offs.

    Position lock back in HUT. I get why it was removed, but instead of punishing everyone who uses it only punish those who abuse it. Have the game detect abuse and label the user or punish them in some other way. At least bring it back for vs. CPU.

    Player heads/faces look awful. Continue to improve.

    The crowd needs improvement. Whether I'm playing well or poorly when the period is over the faces in the crowd look grumpy and disinterested. Make them excited or at least happy looking, unless they are losing. Maybe have them leaving the stands. More animations.

    More personality for arenas. Every team has something unique to their home crowd, add much more of that. Have the mascots behave more like they actually do, instead of every mascot having the same animations.

    Add female pronouns to play calling. Why include the option to make a female player if Eddie and Doc constantly refer to her as him/he/his?

    Tutorials based on position, positioning, strategy, and situation.
  • In NHL 20 I’d love to see
    The British elite league including all teams and rules. It would be great to play a full EIHL season including conference, challenge cup and playoff’s
  • jn1002000
    11 posts New member
    I'd like to see an expanded franchise scenario, where you can choose to send prospects either back to JR, AHL, ECHL, Europe or they can choose college. Also, actual contract negotiations and bonus stuff as allowed by the CBA. And expanding on the draft/scouting. And can we please also get the teams the players have played for in their statistics/profile page? To add a little more to the minor league ideas, if we can also have minor league tryouts. Thank you......J
  • My wishlist to NHL20.

    Franchise mode:
    -Saved personal and team trophies for example If i play for florida panthers Season 2019-2020 and barkov wins selke i would like to see that again later on his profile that he won that trophy in season 19-20.
    -I want to see career total points like it used to be.
    -World Juniors during the season and option to send or not to send players there if available.
    -It would be nice if players do more points in simulation. Now they use to do 70-85 per season max. Even McJesus.
  • It's Be nice if sticks couldn't go through sticks.

    It'd be nice to have a sim mode for online versus and and arcade mode for the guys who want that.

    More loose pucks - it'd be nice if the goalies were better at handling the puck and moving around.

  • Sgt_Kelso
    1291 posts Member
    Rebounds - fix them. The puck should not deflect straight into the waiting stick of the opponent every frigging time. Laws of physics say angle of deflection = angle of entry. And the goalies should be able to kick easy shots away from the goal and into the corners.

    Short shide bug wrister - why is this still a thing? The AI goalies make impossible saves on great shots that shoudl have gone in, but they let in this shot every time it hits the spot - every time. Why? What possible reason there is for this to exist. hm?

    These two things make playing defence really boring a repetitive, because the offence doesn't need to try anything else. And even if you do take these methods out, these teams dont try anything else, because a) they don't have the brains or skills to try anything else, and b) it's almost impossible to prevent ALL these attempts ALL the time, so you probably will have one or to opportunities in a game. Which can be enough, because the goalie on the opposite side is often saving any and all attempts, baling out the opposing team, no matter how great plays you make.

    All you need to know is the above to ways to score, and even horribly bad teams can do pretty well, provided their goalie is switched on. But if the goalie sucks, then even good teams will struggle, unless they eliminate opponent's offence altogether.

    AI goalies seem... very random. With human goalie, this isn't an issue of course.

    This is more of a critic on NHL19 of course, but I really, really hope these don't make it into NHL20.

  • A game based on skill not connection.... that’d be a good start me thinks...
    2 posts New member

    [b]***These are well thought out suggestions that I'm certain most of you will be able to get behind*** [/b]

    (Forgive me if any of my suggestions have already been posted...)

    [b]EASHL: Clubs have Meaning...[/b]

    I've been the proud founder of the North West Coast Pride(PS4) since NHL 13. Over the years there has been a lot of ups and downs influencing growth and achievement. The experience has been great for the most part(minus the removal of the attribute system). However, these mostly statistically based milestones leave me wanting...

    I propose adding depth to the EASHL and WoC experiences in the following ways:

    [b]WoC Player Equipment[/b]

    ● Bring back equipment adjustments like blade curve and shaft stiffness. I feel that this can compliment the current attribute system nicely without adverse affect.

    ● Equipment unlocks have attribute values similar to that of the great and sorely missed Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

    ● Progression unlocks are attained by using an in-game currency system instead of experience points, so players have freedom to unlock items that appeal to them.

    [b]EASHL Club Progression[/b]

    ● Implement an in-game currency system to replace experience points for progression unlocks.

    ● Add depth to club management by allowing for upgrades in facilities and management staff that have a attribute value affect to club members, but only in EASHL related gaming. Upgrades can be purchased using the progression based currency mentioned above.

    ● Bring back club practice modes.

    I feel strongly that the proposed suggestions would greatly enhance the EASHL and WoC experiences and I think that the community would appreciate the more personalized substance that it would bring.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this over. Please comment!!
  • We might also start worrying about beyond 2020 because the next gen of XBOX/Playstation is just around the corner apparently, with NHL20 probably being the last for this gen? What's gonna happen after it, what's the roadmap for this franchise with the next gen, will it be NHL15 all over again?
  • New leagues add the nahl please they exist too nahl = north american hockey league bring back world of chel give us p.k. subban cover card in hut
  • I forgot to say player created content share that created content, custom leagues maybe have a goalie cover athlete let us play as atlanta hartford cleveland etc.
  • > @Leafs1952 said:
    > My Wish list is extensive, I would like more vintage stuff including Historical games, like playing in the 50's as an option or any darn year in NHL history, so essentially legends in their era. It would be cool to be greeted in the NHL by a Gordie Howe elbow, or being beaten by an amazing Bobby Orr play. I know EA has the resources to make a better Be a pro and overall game. What setaylor1 said setaylor1 wrote: »
    > I would love to see a mode that starts from the beginning of the NHL. Start playing in the 1917–18 NHL season and all in a black & white camera lens. Goalies without masks, players without helmets. Go through the changes of the NHL empire: founding teams, original six, expansion era, include defunct teams, players, former arenas, outdoor venues... so many ideas...
    > I would love to see gordie howe wearing the iconic #9 and be with bobby orr and ray bourque on the bruins, see whayne gretzky in his rookie years it woukd feel great just to play the game like there has been a nhl video game every year since the beginning
    > I agree with everything except the black and white coloring, as players when they played did not see black and white unless they were color blind, which most weren't.
    But I do have a suggestion that would bring that into the game, why not in Broadcast mode have that. So it looks likes your watching black and white TV. I would love to see accurate old school hockey in the NHL game, not just hockey Ultimate Team but seeing even just minor leaguers who are not so well known. I'm a confessed hockey history buff and I'd be happy to help. Why do we just need to see modern hockey, which, not all fans like to watch, I mean I have to create old time hockey players that fight to get fights in my be a pros. I would love to be a long time minor Leaguer buried in the Original Six Depth, and when the 67 expansion comes, I finally get the shot to play in the big leagues. I'd like to have experience playing in a time gone by, it would be an amazing experience. I'd love to see Greats in their prime, and trying to play with them. Hockey has a storied past why not let people see it and live it. Well there is my rant. My wish list is long but boiled down, make history apart of offline mode in accurate rosters, deep, deep, minor leagues (adding more difficult), actual life story, like growing up in a small town playing on outdoor rinks, and finding your way to the NHL, don't make becoming a great player easy, make it take a lot of effort because I get sick of reaching High 80's in my second year of pro with brutal +/- stats. Make it so coaches give you a role to play like hit so and so to shake him up. Make it feel like the pro hockey player is you not just a character you created and play as. Another please make it so we can continue our pro's careers in newer versions of the franchise.
  • Sgt_Kelso
    1291 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    I am gonna repeat my fix rebounds wish - last night we lost because the very first shot in the game, from way up the ice around the center circle, was a super easy low and slow wrister that happened to go towards the goal. The AI goalie had all the time in the world to prepare for the shot, he could have just stick-handled it, but no - he moves up to cover the angle like it was a proper shot, and kicks out a really juicy rebound straight in front of the goal.

    Since the goalie came out towards the puck and the shot came from near the the left board, he's wildly out of position, way out and to the left, leaving the whole goal wide open. So opponent's sniper just hustles first to the puck and puts it into the empty net. :|

    I DONT want to see that goal ever again.
  • one feature I would like to see is, pre-game warm ups, just like NBA 2k19.
  • I use the instant replay/action tracker system regularly to analyze mistakes I've made and to look any any weird/interesting situations that come up. I'd like to see some QOL improvements in this area.

    1. All events should show up in the action tracker. Right now in EASHL 3s penalties never show as well as penalty shot goals. In all modes some goals and hits show up in the action tracker but don't have an associated replay. All events should include a replay.
    2. Replays tied to action tracker events need to be longer. I'd like to see the 30 seconds ( real-time ) leading up to the event. For goals especially the event that leads to the goal is often a turnover at the other end of the ice that we just can't see in the current system.
    3. If possible it would be nice to have access to the entire game via instant replay instead of just the last few minutes.
    4. A 30s/1min skip button in the instant replay would be nice. If I want to see something that happened a few minutes ago I currently have to rewind/FF though a large chunk of the replay to get there.
  • I'm not gonna ask too much of EA Sports and I am going to wish only but 3 things from the NHL 20 game:

    1- Bring back connected GM (PLEASE)

    2- Bring the possibility to start be a pro mode in other leagues than the regular OHL, WHL, QMJHL and expand to european leagues and HOPEFULLY united-states collegial leagues!

    3- PLEASE try to have the rights to players coming from USA and Russia, like Jack Hughes for nhl 19 draft for instance, or Ryan Poehling for the canadians. We want to be able to draft those players in our franchises. I personally dislike drafting made up american or russian players when I could be drafting Jack Hughes or Vasily Podkolzin.

    PLEASE EA, make the NHL franchise great again!
  • jdangles23
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    edited April 2019
    NHL 20 Wishlist

    *** I have owned every NHL game since '99, have done a Franchise mode in every game I've owned, and have primarily played EASHL since it became a game mode***

    - GET RID OF THE HOCKEY BAGS!!!! I can't believe more than one human being thought this was a good idea. I don’t care about different songs/audio files/goalie equipment. I've played more than 200 games and have yet to unlock a jersey tuck!
    - Why is there no skate-n-shoot or practice mode so my buddy and I can practice plays? - Gameplay (offsides, spacial awareness in the offensive zone, computer dman skating it into our own goalie from behind the net 10 times a game, skates to the corner on a 2 on 1 rather than going backdoor, etc)
    o Why in the world is poke checking penalty likelihood turned up to 100000/100?
    - Why remove the "playoff champions" ice decal/banners that you used to have?
    - Why did you practically remove showing highlights mid-game in favor of panning over the crowd/video of the arena walls?
    - My team (consistently division 1 or 2) still hasn't unlocked the Sabres logo or home jersey? We've played like 250 games...
    - Add the cage, halfcage, and fishbowl in the visor options. Why can I not put a cage on a Bauer helmet?

    - I understand connected GM is a long shot so I won't even go into that.
    - Let me change the season game length.
    - World Junior Mode would be cool but seeing that we've had the same National Team jerseys since 2010 I don't see this as a viable ask.

    o Roster Sharing/FULL player editing league-wide
    o Prospects:
    - I understand there's no way they're going to get NCAA rights, but at least allow the player creation option/editing during the offseason.
    - Same with the draft. Luckily I'm big into hockey prospects but I still missed a few late-risers and I had to take quite a bit of time to create the majority of the USNTDP team and well as top college players drafted in the previous two years.
    - This is becoming more and more of an issue as NCAA players are becoming more and more relevant in the draft/prospect systems.
    o Player progression is still pretty poor and not very realistic. A player with top 6 Forward potential HIGH and played on my 1st line all season, finishing top in the Calder race barely went up
    o Import Draft Class during the offseason
    o Some players have completely random hairstyles that for some reason I can't edit after starting a franchise mode?
    o editing relationships would be kind of cool. Not high on my list but knowing Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart live together would inherently make them have a "high morale" with this player
    o Trades in general:
    - Add in the 2k model of being able to see what it would take to get a guy. Also add in 3 way trades.
    - Have player performance impact trade value and contracts more.

    o I get SO mad when i get a notification that a player is injured and I am FORCED to change my lines even though by the time I sim to the next game he's available or another player that was hurt is back

    o Completely overhaul the "league activity" feed. Put it on the homepage. Make it like twitter or NHL.com headlines. As of right now, it provides nothing.
    o It should be news if a top player says he's leaning towards free agency!! (Tavares last year, Panarin this year)

    o I'm not even asking to play it but why is there no little thing showing the guys getting votes as the season goes on ultimately seeing who made the teams?
    o Sim through the week and show who won the skills competitions
    o I got to the playoffs and my crowd didn't have the towels. Felt like a random regular season game.
    o Back in like NHL '05 there were pumpup videos before each round. Get creative prior to the games starting.
    o Banner raising ceremony
    o National Anthems

    o I like they at least attempted to address this but why is it so arbitrary? No matter what I say half the team's morale somehow goes down?
    o I won the president's trophy and then the Cup and yet my team morale never surpasses 78%?
    o Why is there no line chemistry data? I never changed my first line the whole season. I'd like to see that have an impact on attributes when the line is playing well.
    o If a guy's morale drops low enough (maybe if the player is set to be highly emotional) have them request a trade.

    o Why can I not fire my coach or even know who he is? I can hire/fire an AHL Scout but can't do anything to the coach? How?
    o Implement a coaching carousel like NCAA 13/14 had or something similar to Madden. AHL too.

    o third jersey creation
    o change goals song/sync to Spotify or something

    o Player profile update including teams players played for attached to their season by season stats, morale type, expected role etc
    o Get some player analytics incorporated
    o Record breaking animations
    o Retire Jerseys
    o Track voting for awards throughout the season

    o Thank you for overhauling this feature!! It's been great. I just wish the players that come in are actually going to be players that can play within a year or two without me needing to edit their ratings
    o If I can find a bunch of mock drafts for 2019, 2020, 2021 on twitter, I'm sure you guys can too...

    - Be more transparent. If there's a reason why you're not implementing these VERY popular functionality changes, tell us why. Give us the data that led you to remove popular features while adding in unpopular game mode.
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