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NHL 10'

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Best game ever. I was a beast. Why did they have to change the skating in 11' and so on? In 10' the skating was so simple with the left joystick. You had to have good hand-eye coordination and depth perception. It was fair for everyone. I was ranked and going places in 10'. EA, you knocked the hustle.


  • HandsomeCatf1sh
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    Because you could pass through the defense.
    NHL 10 was OP for the offense.
    Everyone was a beast.
    Ohhhhh the good ol day’s.
  • If “everyone” was a beast then I’m not sure why I was whooping dudes 15-0. Also, the skill gap in EASHL shined more than the grill on a southern rapper’s teeth.

    Scrubby players really had it bad back then. Now they can grind out a 3-2 OT loss more often than the Arizona Coyotes.
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