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Done with this crap HUT



  • I especially love when my D man catches the puck and he throws it in his own net I had that happen to me three times last night ...lol
  • skydive61
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    Yeah I used 2 different 99 goalies. After about 30 games each of substandard performance I’m back to my rotation of 91 Bobvrosky and 85 Dave Dryden. After over 100 games each their stats are better than the 99’s by 1/2 a goal per game and save % at least 3% better 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • I just got my 500 th win got sawchuk and been in division 1 forever....i have a 99 ovr team...what i find frustrating is the garbage goals that go in after u outplay and out work an opponent..what i find horrible is not being able to poke check in a poke check situation without a penalty....easy fixes but im glad they didnt as theres no urge to buy the next game and spend money on hut again...i still dominate i have 585 wins ..but it is not a true representation of hockey...love mlb the show..love assains creed odyssey...those are real games and deserve every penny. Not ea.
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