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Lost 2 players (95 Couturier and an 87 Pesce) and 120K in Coins

Three days ago, I placed my 95 Couturier and my 87 Pesce up for auction. When I checked up on the cards, I noticed that the players are both in my sold items, however, the 87 says it sold for 55K and the 95 had no sell price listed. In addition to this, where I had previously 120K in coins, I now had 1503 coins remaining. Both of my players are gone. I never received the coins for them. I'm not sure if there was a glitch in the game but they're gone.

I spoke to EA help to find a solution hoping to at the very least be restored with the coins lost and coins from the sales. Unfortunately, they were unable to help and said essentially that there is nothing that can be done.

My situation is very frustrating given the time and effort put in to gain the coins and players. I am not happy with the customer service because there is no real solution here for the customer who has spent money on this product/game. The best they could do was pass it on to their "concerns" department for general investigation meaning that there is nothing left to be done for my particular situation.


  • NHL_Live_Support
    182 posts EA NHL Developer
    Hey @The_j_man_2005,

    What is your request number with EA Help? I may be able to speak to them from my end.
  • 48644157 but it says closed now
  • thank you for any help you can give btw
  • NHL_Live_Support
    182 posts EA NHL Developer

    Thanks and no problem.
  • EA_Roger
    1482 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey @The_j_man_2005 ,

    I took a look at this on my end as well. First of all I would like to apologize for your experience with our support, they shouldn't have redirected your towards the forums, they should have verified your claim & acted accordingly based on the findings of their investigation. I've put up the case in question for review.

    While we aren't able to grant any items we did look into this claim again, it seems that our support was unable to find Couturier in your auctions as he was traded and not auctioned. From what we can see on our end he was traded off your account voluntarily and there is no evident sign of a compromise during that time. As for your Pesce we can see that he was auctioned off for 55000 coins and you did receive 52250 coins on the back-end of this transaction. Given our findings during this investigation we won't be pursuing this any further.

    Thread closed.
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