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NHL 20 wishlist and suggestions


  • Debuchy31 wrote: »
    @NHLDev Is there any thought into maybe not making a new game every year? Maybe making a new one every 2-3 years with constant patches in between. It seems a new game every year really puts stress and unrealistic deadlines on the devs to get everything done. Games are so big and complex now a days, maybe this game every year model needs to stop? Comments?

    Quiet a good idea. The devs could fix the bugs and we get some updates/upgrades with bugfixes and updates of the team rosters. But ... ... ... ... ... I think the problem will be, that EA thinks, they will not earn the same money with this sales policy. They think, they will eran more money, if they make every year a new game. Is this true? For example, I buy every second year the new game (NHL 15, NHL 17, NHL 19 etc.).

    I would love a subscription based game. Sports games seem perfect for this. A SaaS solution. Let's be honest sports games generally don't change that much from year to year. Some bug fixes, some new features, some new modes, some quality of life improvements, some graphics/animation improvements and roster updates but the game itself is the same (hockey is hockey, baseball is baseball).

    They could constantly work on all these things and release as the fixes, features, modes, roster updates, graphic improvements and release when they were ready and stable. They would not have to rush everything in for a September release. They could release something when they were confident it was stable. The cycle becomes

    - code
    - code review
    - QA
    - possibly beta test
    - release

    Users pay 1 price for a year and get all the updates included for as long as they are paying. If things are not released fast enough people will stop paying. Another benefit would likely be it would be online purchase only and that removes the need for production and shipping.

  • I wish the world championship mod or my own tournaments in NHL 20. It would also like a new league: KHL, Slovak Extraliga and Czech Chance League and more authentic stadiums and ice advertising. Also, it would not hurt to add a few new representations: Korea, Slovenia ...
    And in be and for I want to play in Europe and add changes like in NBA2K because it's just playing games. Furthermore, new animations, environments, presentation of matches, graphics and also new jerseys for national clubs
  • > @xdvxdfjijudfjnj said:
    > I wish the world championship mod or my own tournaments in NHL 20. It would also like a new league: KHL, Slovak Extraliga and Czech Chance League and more authentic stadiums and ice advertising. Also, it would not hurt to add a few new representations: Korea, Slovenia ...
    > And in be and for I want to play in Europe and add changes like in NBA2K because it's just playing games. Furthermore, new animations, environments, presentation of matches, graphics and also new jerseys for national clubs

    Yeah and a masks customization will be awesome
  • Slimlayzie
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    The biggest thing I would like to see is for EA to get penalties right! Especially boarding! It's insane now, the amount of times that CLEAN hits, to the front where the AI falls BACK first into the boards are called boarding or even majors. You're making a NHL game, learn NHL rules.

    Beyond that, further enhancement of the Create a team would be great. Love the arena customization, but more logos and potential names would be appreciated.
  • jmwalsh8888
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    actually that is not the definition of boarding. it's just the worst kind. it's a common misconception. you can't come flying up and check someone into the chest, knocking them off their feet into the boards. at least thats the rules

    basically boarding is a discretion call, so it's up to the ref to decide. even though everyone loves the classic board rattling checks of yesterday, basically any violent check into the boards is supposed to be called boarding.

    the real problem isn't the calling of boarding, its the wonky checking system. you can be standing still and still violently check someone. If they are near the boards its probably going to be a penalty.
  • [quote="AEZ1;c-2027851"]
    It would also be fun to lock a player, like in Be a Pro. I create myself in Franchise Mode, and it would be fun to play a game just as one player, but still have all the control of a GM/Coach after the game.[/quote]Totally agree. That would be excellent. You can do that in FIFA. Not sure why they haven't factored that in to NHL yet.
  • 1: Bring back custom music, goal horns, and goal songs. Vital to the authentic experience.

    2: Add pregame intros again like NHL 14. With custom music.

    3: Add a playable World Junior tournament in franchise

    4: Add the Winter Classic and All Star Game in franchise.

    5: Add shareable and fully customizable goalie helmets. Every goalie has a unique helmet and the game should reflect that.

    6: Add frostbite if you can but it's not as important to me.

    7: Extend the length of franchise mode.

    8: We absolutely have to have the KHL in the game. It's the best league in the world outside of the NHL. It's a huge part of the hockey world.

    9: Maybe consider adding fictional placeholder prospects in place of NCAA prospects that have yet to leave school but have been drafted by NHL teams. Make their names customizable so we can use our NCAA prospects. I'm sure Avs fans for example would have loved having a fictional version of Cale Makar until he finally turned pro.
  • Add referee helmet camera for highlights, and add a button in post game menu for highlights.

    Add mid game replays for close calls; offsides, near goals(puck was on the line), sick saves etc.

    Make gamecrafted prospects have custom celebrations, so not all new players have the standrad one skate arm lifts.

    Maybe add players smashing their stick on the post after letting in a late goal?

    And make it possible to hit a guy that turns his back to you. This backskating nonsense is just ridicilous.
  • Lepski95
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    There are still some serious and annoying issues in player ratings and player development of the offline modes, which should be fixed, and probably would not be too difficult.

    Fix the default Faceoff rating of "more unknown" Centers (to be 75, for example would be ok, not too high):
    For some reason for many years some kind of default Faceoff attribute rating for other than NHL centers has been 60 (!). Does not make any sense, since Centers are in general the best faceoff men of the team. And it is simply impossible to play a center with 60 faceoffs as a Center.

    Make player development and final attributes more realistic:
    Currently the players still develop to really uneven attributes, if compared to the players originally in their "prime". The players seem, without an exception, to end up having a high rating (at least over 90) in shot power, while shot accuracy is significantly lower. For example on the 4th season of my franchise, I had multiple players with a shot power 90+, while the accuracy was somewhere in mid to high-70s. This is really unrealistic, and when compared to the original player ratings, in which most of the 80+ ovr players have shot power and accuracy approximately even (80-85 & 85), it does not make any sense.

    IMO the young players should end up having same kind of relatively even and REALISTIC ratings than the prime-aged ones, after developing to the full potential, NOT overpowered ratings in skating, shooting, off&def awareness, hitting, strength etc.

    My other thought about player ratings is linked to the young players as well as the players in european leagues. Currently, the ratings of young players are made so that in general, skating speed and shot power are near to the ratings of the NHL players while other ratings are significantly lacking behind.

    In reality with young prospects who don't have, for example, an NHL level shot yet, don't have a powerfull shot yet, while it may be already relatively accurate, which is the reverse to the game ratings. Also, hte juniors are still slower than pros. And in addition, the top forward prospects for example tend to have really good hockey IQ (offensive awareness), while their defensive game (Def Awareness) needs to be practiced more. The young players in NHL19 have both ratings usually ridiculously low, unrealistic again.

    Also, the Poise rating of Prospects is really low usually, which imo is not realistic, since many young players are nowadays able to produce also in high pressure situations. I think this rating should grow partially according to Overall, not only age, like a 21 yo first line forward (87 rating), should have a poise of 80 for example. This issue is visible being on 4th season when your young players have developed, but still have a poise of 65 (which even for the strat is ridiculously low).

    I think the uneven starting point of young player's attribute ratings may also be the reason, why they end up having hugely uneven attribute ratings as fully developed NHL players.

    Among players playing in European leagues in most cases the ratings hardly make any sense. While it is true that the NHL players are a bit faster and stronger and more skilled, the gap of the attribute ratings is too big in general, and also in overall. Also the top players of europe have probably more skill, better hands and offensive awareness at least, than the nhl 4th line grinders. This is something, I hope would be fixed, but since the game is NHL, of course the main focus is on NHL and North American leagues.

    Also, I don't know how the total team ratings and team defence, offence and goalie ratings are calculated in recent NHL games, but they seem too high with too small differences. How come clearly the worst team in the league has an overall of 88 ( ) and the best 94. Neither make sense, they are both too high IMO. In my opinion you the team should get a forwards overall rating of 95 only in case your forwards' weighed average rating would be 94 etc. While the team total rating should obviously be the average of the F, D and G ratings. By this, I think the difference of the team levels would be more clear.

    Also related to the team ratings are the Owner goals in Franchise mode. When a throughout bad team, (rebuilder) get's even one star player such as Marner, it suddenly becomes a "Playoff Hopeful", and the Owner goals change. So, imo the team rating varies too much with one acquisition, which affects to the owner goals too much.
  • Have passes go where I aim them. Let's start there.
  • Here's suggestion stop listening to some of the elite streamers that want to play an acarde type of hockey , give us the goalies that we had at the start of 19
  • Hi
    I know some of these have been addressed but this is my pet annoyances

    passing interception is unreal it suggested that if your player receiving the pass is looking at the puck it helps but the amount of time an opponents skater picks up the puck without looking is off the chain

    when the netminder passes the puck the player you then seem to control is the one half way up the ice not the player closest to the puck and have to franticly tap change player b4 it get intercepted

    and of course the back hand glide force field what the heck is that about ,its way way over cranked

    chasing the icing whilst trying to change to the player chasing it down is a lucky dip I change player correctly but it seems to got to that player last ,where as If I changed to him first I could have a good chance at getting to the puck first

    Goalies with 99 overall seem to take an age to respond to rebounds etc

  • Choshtitans1
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    Please bring back gm connected online franchise mode, we all want it!

    [Socair - edited caps lock formatting]
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  • I'm sure many of the items I'm about to list have been brought up, but just in case I'll add my two cents. Also, let me preface my list with the fact that I am pretty much an offline franchise mode player who attempts to play as sim a game as possible (True Broadcast, full 20 minute periods, realistic sliders, etc...).
    • Line changes with names - the best version of a line change I've ever seen in a hockey video game was 2K9,10 and 11. Anytime a skater was heading to the bench for a change, a window popped up in the corner of the screen that showed the player exiting the ice and exactly who was coming on to replace him. It is extremely frustrating to attempt a pass to a player that you think is skating up the boards only to have said player jump off the ice while the puck sails on by for an inevitable icing.
    • If a player is given a game misconduct penalty, also have the possibility for a one or two game suspension, especially if the skater who suffered the infraction sustains an injury.
    • Fix the offline legends issue - we were sold a false bill of goods with NHL 19 in that it was advertised that legends would be available to be used in offline modes like franchise, but obviously that never came to pass. If i remember correctly it had something to do with birth dates of legends causing certain modes to crash. Please fix this for NHL 20.
    • The AI never uses its timeout. This has been an issue for as long as I can remember and it really should be fixed by now. If a cpu controlled team is losing by a goal or two late in the game, have the ai call a timeout.
    • Allow for challenges like they have in the real NHL, with the risk of losing your timeout and/or a delay of game penalty (if the challenge revolves around onside/offside prior to a goal), if your challenge is not upheld.
    • CPU controlled teams should pull their goalie with two minutes left in the game, not with a minute left. This is pretty much the accepted practice in the league right now.
    • Please allow control over all 31 teams in franchise mode. I would love to be able to play any game that is on the schedule for any given day.

    Overall I enjoy playing franchise mode with my own set of sliders and I feel like the mode has definitely gotten better, albeit incrementally, throughout the years. But just adding a few of the items that I've listed above (namely ai's usage of timeouts and goalie pulls) would go a long way towards emulating a true NHL experience.

    Thanks for reading and I can't wait to see what NHL 20 has in store for us!
  • TJLSalma
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    I wish that in the future add NHL 20 or after...to add orginial six leagues plus their rosters different years and after...add all nhl teams Jersey for create teams from vintage plus color should there like Quebec Nordiques without color so please add colors....plus each of teams with rosters for 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s...plus choose goalie mask like belfour...potvin...60s...that would be nice! Ohh add Canada Cup...Olympics. That my wish!!!
  • I’d like to see a complete overhaul of Be a Pro. It is so boring. For example, As a D-man you basically have to do everything yourself because your forwards are never in a spot for an outlet pass... or for anything at all for that matter. They don’t pressure teams D or forwards at all. They lose all puck battles in the corners because they only have 1 player battling behind the net as the rest of your squad stands still at the top of the circles. Whenever the goalie is pulled down by 1 or 2, it’s almost guaranteed the AI scores on you. I can make a brilliant pass to a player and he’ll skate directly into the goalie completely ruining a perfect scoring chance. Literally every single time a faceoff is won back, your forwards tie up nobody and allow the opposing teams forwards right through to you giving you no chance to even make a play.

    I’d like to see a path to the NHL other than going through the CHL. Madden, NCAA, and NBA are games that had it where you can come from a high school or college. I get that you can’t use the real college team names and what not, but make it up? Randomize it. I don’t care. Create random college teams. I want my pro to go the college route. Play all 4 seasons and sign as a free agent somewhere, or get drafted and leave college early. Same thing with playing in Europe.

    Be able to participate in an All a Star game/ Skills Comp.

    The XP points are okay, but once again needs to be looked at. If I’m a D man and I elect to have the computer choose my training, why are they focusing on “faceoffs”??? Also, when I take a single penalty in a game for a trip or something, that shouldn’t make me lose a ton of XP points on discipline. In hockey, there is such thing as a “good penalty”. And I understand that the reason you play Be a Pro is to have your player go from a young prospect to a superstar, but if I simulate a few games here or there, I should not have the coach tell me “you’re going through the motions out there” even when my team wins 5-0 and my pro has 3 points. At the very least allow me to turn a setting like that on and off or something.

    Let me interact with teammates and management. The only thing I can do is ask for a trade when I get taken by Buffalo EVERY SINGLE TIME and have them say “you’re in no position to ask for a trade, get better”. Well, my player can literally be as good as I want him to be by playing the game, so in all reality I can be in the position to ask for a trade at any time. Let me have a list of potential teams I want to go to, not just “another division, any organization”. Let me have a list of teams I do not want to go to. I’m not about to be drafted by Buffalo and get traded to Arizona.

    Let me negotiate. Anything.

    Presentation is brutal. It’s basicslly like your playing franchise mode with a position lock and you’re not able to edit your team and finances. You just play the game with one guy over and over. There is no interaction, no media, no moral, no following of the player himself at all.
  • I wish they would stop the AI from editing the trade block behind my back.
  • Arenas!!!! I want every team in the game to have their own arena!! At least in the big leagues (SHL, NLA and more)

    I also want World Juniors and World Championship
  • The only few things I want, and I feel these are reasonable requests:

    1. I would like for my player to not get locked in an animation. For example, when heading up-ice for a pass, my target player will skate within the pre-determined path that the game has set for him, regardless of my controller inputs. If the player is heading toward the attacking zone waiting to receive an in-flight pass, and I am jamming the L3 button backwards, the player will not begin to skate backwards until the animation is complete, drastically lowering the actual effect that my controller input has on the outcome of the game, which kind of defeats the purpose and fun of being good at a game. I would like to have my control inputs ALWAYS work on the player I’m purportedly controlling. Is that too much of an ask?

    2. My player can be pinned to the boards from physically impossible locations by the CPU, no matter the size/speed attributes, and this happens too many times to count in any give game.

    3. The gameplay sliders seem to have very little actual effect on gameplay. For instance, with “CPU teammate penalties” turned to 0, my CPU teammates routinely take 5 or more minors per game. I have plenty more similar examples with different sliders having seemingly no effect on gameplay, or at least no significant impact.

    4. Skaters still feel like they’re in quicksand. I can have a fresh off the bench Dylan Larkin catch a tired Zdeno Chara flat-footed and somehow be caught a majority of the time. I believe this is because the game makes the CPU players respond not to where the puck or your player specifically are, but more often, to what you are inputting into your controller rather than the actual conditions and situation playing out on the ice. I would love to provide specific examples if anybody with any sway whatsoever actually was curious, but I highly doubt that this is the case.

    5. Kind of expanding on the controls not having an effect thing, but while I am controlling a player who possesses the puck, there are certain times where no matter what buttons I press, the player will orient himself in the worst possible puck-protecting position. Instead of making sure he is in between the attacking player and the puck, he does the exact opposite, which obviously makes it quite easy for the CPU player to steal the puck from me. There is no situation where a real player would purposely put himself in the absolute least effective position to protect the puck, so why does it seem to happen frequently in this game?
  • NHL 20
    Be a Pro is always a disappointment in NHL games but in FIFA there is a good career mode with a story in NBA2K there is a good career mode with a story same with multiple other sports games but not NHL. Both BAP and Franchise mode need a career/story mode but especially BAP because it is sooo boring even to committed players. On another note specifically to goalie BAP the opposing team never takes bad shots all it is is wide open shots cross creases and one timers while your team will backhand the puck from the blueline right into the goalie this absolutely kills your stats makes it unenjoyable to play when i really want it to be.

    There are only 4-5 modes needed in NHL 20 IMO BAP (vastly improved) , BAGM , HUT , EASHL , and Play Now. Threes is fun but i think EA needs to narrow it down to these modes for this game and just really improve them and the gameplay. EA just needs to realize its potential and actually care about the mode as it is very clear they do not. (you cant even change your jersey numoer in BAP if your number is already taken on your team)

    Obviously player faces being incorrect is super annoying i think EA could simply allow players to use the face creation already in the game to make a fairly accurate depiction of the player just view it to make sure its good and use it. Goalie masks and jerseys need a wider range of customization options.

    winter classics outdoor games all star skills comps and games

    All i wish is that EA put more into this game that obviously has a good base of players put Frostbite in and make the players look better put effort into the offline modes and listen to the community.
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