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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

Check out our January 30th patch details here.

I remember NHL 19-25, through my hulications deja vu. , a look into future of NHL series.

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I remember NHL 19-25, through my hulications deja vu journey, a look into the future of NHL series.

yes NHL 20 was kinda poor, cause it had that champainge mode, we're u played as that one dude and not yourself, things u got to edit was equipement but u couldn't change names or appearence, but u could change goalie gear and attributes that kinda stuff, NHL 20 was basicly a write off, but where it really went awasome was franchise mode, they say it was awasome between NHL 19-23, but anything afterwards kinda really went down hill, how could have i forgotten this, i remember seeing the logos and stuff and i also remember seeing the gameplay flaws and stuff, again there was so many complaints with champiange mode that EA Sports decided to bring back old be a pro , cause it was so bad, but everyone like cheered for it it was franchise mode.

a look at NHL Series future.


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