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Noob here help required pretty please

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Anyone able to help and let me have an idea of a cheap good starter team ?
Are there any apps that keep tabs on market prices for players like Futbin for Fifa that I can use in order so I have an idea of what to look for in terms of players / stats / work rates etc?
Any other tips much appreciated


  • MikeyAU630
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    edited June 2019
    Unfortunately, there's no app to watch the market. There is HUTDB which lists all the cards and their stats and synergies.

    I can't really recommend a starter team, but I'd highly suggest you try to get the Burner (BU) team synergy active for starters. It makes your whole team faster, which will help you not be completely blown away but established, higher-rated teams' speed. You'll still have a hard time competing in the beginning, but it will get better as you build your team up.

    Edit: And if you haven't already, grab the free pack from the store with the awards players (I think it's still available but I"m not positive). That will give you some (not horrible) players to get started with.
  • marcstolte
    6 posts New member
    Cool thanks. Any bargain over powered players worth getting?
  • Higher rated base gold players (84+ OVR) tend to perform better than their ratings would indicate. They are usually dirt cheap, but they're more expensive right now because the current competitive season requiring base or diamond players only. They'll go down in price again when that season ends (late Thursday night).

    Some alumni (the ones that can be upgraded via legend sets) are extremely abundant, so are very cheap. The 87 OVR Kurri should be relatively cheap and is very good for a team starting out, as he's fast and has an excellent shot. The 85 OVR Gilmour is cheap and is good on faceoffs and makes for a decent penalty-killer. Cournoyer is very fast and has a good shot. Robitaille and Naslund should also be dirt cheap and aren't bad.
  • marcstolte
    6 posts New member
    Great thank you 🙏 👍
  • j3cdSTL
    8 posts New member
    Be the St. Louis Blues. Everyone else sucks :)
  • Get those monthly collectables, if you can get 3 a day for the rest of the month you will be able to get a good player in the sets.
  • Get 84 bishop as your goalie hes cheap and better than alot of 95 plus goalies. Glitch card
  • If you can somehow get 90 larionov get him he still has a spot on my 99 ovr team and is soooooooooo good. Most productive card in the game after 99 gretzky and 99 lemieux.
  • marcstolte
    6 posts New member
    Thanks for tips guys 🙏
  • marcstolte
    6 posts New member
    Well seems the transfer market on the game is dead hardly any players listed on there so pretty much a waste of time trying to build a team now shame
  • 13ulow
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    marcstolte wrote: »
    Well seems the transfer market on the game is dead hardly any players listed on there so pretty much a waste of time trying to build a team now shame

    I disagree. There are so many player cards out there, so there are plenty of players to choose from. Maybe not that many for sale of each, but still tons of good players to buy.
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