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Tired of drop-ins; looking for sound hockey IQ team

My normal play partner since NHL12 decided not to buy NHL19 this time around and left me to pull my hair out in drop-ins. I can't take it anymore. Looking for a team.

Preferred position: 1.) LW/RW (Don't mind playing D)

Experience: Have played NHL religuously since '12. Avid fan of Detroit Red Wings and watch alot of hockey.

Player Class/Play-type: TWF/GRN (Comp. Rating floats between high 500s-low 600s based on whatever kind of drop-in streak I got going)

I like to play with good hockey IQ. I am a defensive-minded player. I play very disciplined in the neutral and defensive zone. Not the most aggressive forechecker as I usually try to get back for the trap once I get a sense of a dead possession. Feel the most comfortable in a 2-3 forecheck but am adaptable. I look to set offensive zone puck-cycling plays instead of the one-n-done pass-n-shoot. I tend to be a more pass-first kind of player. I don't shoot alot; I take only high-quality shots. I really enjoy workingthe net for deflections/screens and rebounds. Very disciplined. I average around one penalty (tripping mostly) every 2 games.

Weakness: I absolutely SUCK at face-offs. I have never been good at them and prefer to not even try playing Center for that reason. I am not a deke-ing player. I use the windmill occasionally and the stride deke, that's it. I depend on good skating ability. Garbage at goalie. Generally speaking, my loadouts are on the slower end as I placed more emphasis on other traits since I generally place myself in successful spots on the ice negating a need for speed.

If I sound like a good fit for your team, I would be happy to chat! I am just tired of pulling my hair out with the lack of hockey mind and cohesion in drop-ins.


  • Failed to mention: I play on the PS4.
  • Dr_Feelgood_92_ is my PSN. Message on here or on PSN is fine. Looking forward to playing with a good team! \m/ O \m/
  • Still looking for a team. Some further insight:

    I have received a couple questions about my competitive rating. I failed to mention that ALL I have played is drop-in games. I believe the comp. rating is not truly indicative of a player's skill as it seems to only take into account wins/losses (that's a discussion for another time).

    Provided is my coach feedback grades at this point in my drop-in play. Hopefully it provides more feel for how I am as a player:

    Drop-in record: 48-44-11

    Forward Grades-
    Offense...B (72%)
    Defense...B (77%)
    Team Play...C+ (65%)

    Defenseman Grades-
    Offense...C+ (61%)
    Defense...A- (85%)
    Team Play...C (55%)

    Looking forward to hopefully joining a quality team.
  • Hey man look up Beaver Lake Bobcats. Send me an Invite and we can can try a couple games out. DR___STRANGELOVE. (3 underscores) On a team been playing since 2011/12. Looking for more people. LD / LW / G .
  • I play LD or RD been playing since 2008 if you need one the_jersey_slam
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