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Suggestions for NHL 20 Franchise Mode

I have seen this game struggle and I have hopefully found a way now to tell someone in the NHL 20 production what I expect to ser in NHL 20. I’ve been playing franchise/GM for a few years, and have noticed a few things that end up keeping me away from this mode.

You need to try and have the players more involved. Draft day is bland, it should be an entire process that the player is excited for. Don’t make it a big list, and maybe add a few highlight reels of the top prospects and some stats. Something similar needs to be done for Free Agency.

Adding coaches that have personalities and a squad of their assistant coaches would be great. Right now, the players are essentially the coach, GM, the head of scouting, the head of sales dept, and more. GMs take part in all of these things, but aren’t the sole people doing it. Get some sort of menu for hiring firing people, have stats on em like ‘since hiring xyz, our sales have grown by 3%”

Simplify scouting. I hated the old menus where its this one scout that manages to perfectly enlapse every player in the draft, and the new thing is a big improvement. However, it should be simpler, as I just find myself autoscouting both pro and amateur. With fog of war now, scouting should also cooperate with it.

Drop the potentials, its a guessing game for GMs and coaches on who is the ‘next one’, and it really sucks when I know the top 10 in the draft and exactly how they will pan out. Obviously the system should stay in place, but keep it behind the scenes for a more real feeling of the game.

Overalls must be more spread out. For example, if Kane is a 93 or around there, and gets +100 pts this season, and a 4th liner like Kruger can repeat the same dekes and is just as fast, thats a problem. A 4th liner to a 1st liner should be around a 15 overall difference considering the impact of stat changes right now.

Trade deadline must be more involving. I would like to see an introduction of AI understanding when a trade offer is basically a playoff loan and the values of the trade refelcting that. Also, make some sort of highlight reel and stats menu of the best players that can be traded.

No trade and no movement clauses are a must. This is a major part of the trading world, and should be brought in.

Player personalities. Alongside the staff personalities, there should be something for players. I like where the draft day thing where scouts say “player is driven to win” etc, and it should be a bigger influence on the players and the numbers they produce.


Some things that I don’t nevessarily need but would like to see happen:

Face scans for players

Post-game interviews

Be a Pro revamp

Goalies being more difficult to score on

Have actual good plays be rewarded with a goal. In the sense that right now I just have my player drive behind the net and bang it in off the goalies behind.

I hope someone took the time to read this and actually put some of it into motion. Thanks!


  • Froommey
    800 posts Member
    edited June 2019
    There are many other things missing too in Franchise mode to get this more authentic. The gameplay alone in offline is the best we had ever. Missing things are written and explained more times in wishlist for 20
  • Make franchise online cooperative play
  • Make franchise online cooperative play

  • More interactive free agency players saying this team offered me this money ill sign if you offer more or someone say I wont sign with you no matter what or saying ill take a cut to sign here etc.
  • friskybrows
    1 posts New member
    I've been playing NHL games for over 10 years and there still isnt the option to have more than 1 team in Franchise mode. It's frustrating that every other sports game is miles ahead when it comes to Franchise mode. I like playing and doing drafts with other people. Please add the option to play with multiple teams. Makes no sense to have it for season mode but not franchise
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