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NHL for PC?!

no NHL for PC.


  • yeah, again nothing what customers asked for. PC would be the only savier for this game.
  • How stupid.
  • It’s stupid on EA’s part because i have an xbox and PC and usually buy games for both. Their loss, not mine.
  • Just wanted to thank EA, "Worst Company in America" two-time winner for ignoring the massive PC market for the ELEVENTH STRAIGHT YEAR when it comes to the NHL franchise.

    Every post I see here or the EA Answers forum is something petty and stupid- "Oh, I can't do a group celebration! I can't get neon purple skate laces! This game is broken!"

    You're at least able to actually buy the title, in whatever state it's in.

    The EA fanboys are already making the excuses, no doubt- "It wouldn't sell well!" (Based on what, decade old sales figures?) Give me a break.

    Bring the game back to PC, and LET ME FINALLY BUY IT. There have been children born since the last game came out that are literally part of EA's demographic. How are they gauging interest for the market? I know there's a survey that comes out every year, but guess what? It only goes out to the people who bought that year's title.
  • twoorb
    52 posts Member
    I honestly think they don't want to release it for PC because they've seen the amazing add-on work done for NHL 2004 and how people still keep playing it.

    i.e. - it's a way to try to keep people forced into buying consoles and overpriced retreads of the same game every year.
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