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I will no longer support the NHL Series

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I am done with EA NHL series. Been playing it since NHL 93. And saw it evolved from NHL 12 to Legacy which was the pinnacle of the series. Then from NHL 18 -19 they started introducing troll filters which was progress. But NHL 19 was also the beginning of the end for those that play 5vs5 online mode / club.

They are using their resources to give the community Battle Royale? This is a definite sign that the wrong team of people are involved in the development of this series. Sports games like NHL (or NBA) don't need a Battle Royale mode because it is a 5on5 game. The game is hockey. The reason why Battle Royale exist for other games is because those games are non-sports.

The NHL series online modes should be focusing ways to improve the quality of online gameplay. For instance creating more filters to eliminate/kick trolls.

Otherwise NHL 19 was the downfall of this series with respect to the 5vs5 online team mode:

- They gave us pond rinks and took away NHL arenas.

- They gave us street clothes and took away NHL uniforms.

- The club mode is no longer functioning.

- They introduce time limits of 2min (or is it 3min now) in order to build a room for 5vs5 play which is not enough time.

That being said. I will not be buying this on opening day. Nor will I purchase it on discount for Xmas holidays. I won't be dropping no more money on this series. And to anyone reading this, I suggest you do the same as well. I guess they are aiming to rebuild their fan/community base with a new generation of players who are interested in playing Battle Royale modes.


  • Froommey
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    I am sure they prepare Chel for the next micro transaction mode for Hipster and Arcade player. I bet in some issues it will be like this. The direction is going in this way. This is why they work much for all this fun parts, clothes and gimmicks
  • BassMan_PC
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    I don't blame you at all. NHL has been going downhill for a while and the changes to drop-in last year really hurt. EA has really lost sight of what made the series good in the first place. Out of desperation, they chase trends like player customization, loot bags, battle royale, etc.. It is pathetic. The series is poorly managed. I will be getting NHL 20 from an EA employee for $20. Otherwise, I would not buy it at full price either.
  • twoorb
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    @OP — I totally agree.

    I am back to NHL Legacy on my PS console and that appears to be where I’m going to be staying for a long long time
  • Yeah, I think it's about time to call it quits. I really can't keep doing this every year:
    New boring modes, legacy issues that never get fixed, a new game breaking glitch or two, waiting too long for roster updates, players that look nothing like their real life counterparts, abysmal A.I., and 8 or 9 patches that break something new.
    Man, when do I learn? I'm an idiot or something. Maybe, if I turn my back on them the way they turned their back on me my acid reflux will go away?
  • Froommey
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    rpmfdnhl wrote: »
    Maybe, if I turn my back on them the way they turned their back on me my acid reflux will go away?

    Yes, exactly !

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