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Don’t do penalty shots for penalties in 3s for 19 (now 20)



  • p0tentZ wrote: »
    I fully agree to remove the penalty shots in 3's, except for if you are hauled down on a breakaway. It's way too easy to exploit the goalies which makes penalties far too costly. I think a penalty should result in a 3vs2 for 1 min. If another penalty occurs on the 3vs2 it should go down the 3vs1. Even being down 3vs1, you could win the draw back to the boards, get the puck and shoot it around the boards, giving you a chance to kill some time. Any penalty that occurs on a 3vs1 would result in a penalty shot. That would be fun as hell in my opinion.


    As little CPU involvement as possible.
  • Completely agree even as someone who scores on 90% of the penalty shots. Penalty shots should only be rewarded for taking away a breakaway to restore the original scoring chance and that's it. The whole, "WeLl DoNt tAkE a PeNaLtY" argument is weak. Penalties are going to happen even to the most disciplined players and awarding what basically amounts to a free goal is ridiculous. I doubt it gets changed though. I would at the very least like to play goal on the penalty shots.
  • Agree to the ideas of 1 min 3 on 2 and maybe even 3 on 1. I also score the usual penalty shot exploits when needed at a high clip but hate them deciding a tight game. I always hope to get the puck back after a penalty in hopes of scoring on the delayed call so that we score a legit goal.

    It would make tight games much more fun. I can't count the number of times a penalty shot was the winning goal late in the game due to a player mistake. Everybody makes mistakes but that doesn't mean every mistake should be 90% goal.
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