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I don’t ever post and I may be on the wrong end of the spectrum by playing mostly offline.. but it’s tough to see another release with the same old Be A Pro mode. So much opportunity there but looked over. No uniqueness at all. Just a few quick things.

Make an actual draft experience.

Allow actual contract options, especially going to UFA. I should be able to tell my agent that: I’d rather play in X division, I would rather have term than top dollar, I’ll take a pay cut for a team with great players. I’ll take a hometown discount to play for my hometown team. I’m getting paid $14.1m but I handicapped my team and they can’t sign anyone and we suck..

At the very least... allow me to see what the team rosters look like after offers are made. I play X amount of seasons to get to be a UFA and it’s like “resign with your current team for this amount or this random team for this amount.” Okay well 6 years into my career all the rosters have changed and I can’t even see what place the team offering me a contract came in last season. Stupid. Give me the ability to at least see their current roster. Seems so obvious to me, but I digress.

A paid sponsorship would be cool.

Along the same lines.. make the contract and sponsorship worth something. Buy skill points? Specialty points? Something.

Some fan/media interaction.

And for the love of god. Keep track of my awards and total points where I can access it over the course of my career, a mantel or something. Not knowing how many cups I’ve won or with what teams or conn smythe/hart/Norris/whatever’s and when I won them also seems obvious in a career mode.


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    2k NBA has animated interviews and cinematic story. Maybe we don't need a story, but some cinematics would be nice, also everything @Dmoushey_31 said. Be A Pro needs some love and care. It's been overdue. I might buy the game this year if they add these things to Be A Pro. Otherwise I'll just wait until NHLSeattle is in the game in NHL 22.
  • The only logical next step for Be a pro is to make a cinematic campaign mode into a Journey or Longshot mode would the only thing you can do. I would also like to see them combine career modes for Be a Pro and Be a GM like Madden or Fifa does.

    Even something like the old Superstar mode in Madden 07 could be really cool to have. LIve the Life could be the name of the mode but trying to expand it and make more on the level of NBA 2k or Fifa and Madden.

    We want the series to be so much more and I think that seeing better games on the market makes us the fans envy and want the NHL series to adopt these modes into a chel game. Fans want a perfect series and I think the EA brand has done a terrible job and listening to the fans. This is why the fans hate EA and EA has to change this.
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