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  • Ones Eliminator is pretty bad.. for some reason the hitting was increased so a lot of games are just people leveling each other instead of showing off shooting mechanics. That being said the shooting feels clunky and unresponsive, feel like you don’t have control over what type of shot to take and it’s all animated based on position on ice. Intros look good, but little to no added customization for EASHL. No new arenas, logos, jerseys, goal horns, mascots, etc.

    So we got some automated shots, a bad game mode and new commentary.. yikes
  • djb5f
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    Ok, I played a lot of NHL from NHL 13-17, mainly HUT but some EASHL too. I needed some time away.

    First impressions of the Beta, only played Versus online, but I really like it.

    Game feels crisp and fluid. I am a huge fan of Doc Emrick in real life but the commentary and presentation needed an update. Gives it some new energy.

    I thought my next NHL game would be on the PS5 but I think they hooked me back in. Will check out other game modes but my favorite is traditional Versus (or HUT). Hope they cleaned up the clunkiness of the HUT Auction House from a few years back but I doubt it.

    Gameplay and presentation mean a lot to me and I like what I see.
  • Sure would be nice to play a single player game eh EA?

    Online is laggy as heck and impossible to play at points. I would love to provide proper feedback on the changes but can't do that when ONLINE DOESNT WORK PROPERLY.

    So give us single player, please... should've been a no brainer.
  • SUPERMONK20000
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    So did the goalies only get new stuff for high shots? Low kick saves seem to always be put into the middle of the ice for no reason at all just like previous years. Passing seems weird? Whenever skating forward and passing forward up the ice there is no pass animation it just starts gliding off my stick with no body movement at all.

    New presentation is decent it’s an upgrade but with the other weak new features it makes me wonder what they’ve been working on? The shooting that’s the only thing that feels new and improved but if that’s all that can be improved on in a year this game is going to hard pass.

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  • Honestly I love the raw feel of this beta right now and it felt like that last year as well but come release things changed a bit and it just didnt feel as good, heres hoping that doesnt happen this year again.

    Shooting in this game needs to stay where it is, love the new animations and how people are actually going for good shots rather than just throwing turds on net when they dont have the 1 timer option.

    You need to adjust to playing defense in this game. I really like the balance right now its more offensive minded but once you figure out how to defend in this game its very rewarding and you need to apply actual hockey iq and really be sound in your positioning otherwise you get burned or turned inside out if you are trying to defend like 19.

    I will say forwards seem to have a slight pickup advantage around the net after shots right now when the area is clogged, offensive awareness? The front of the net is usually a huge cluster* in this game, would be nice to see the pickups for dmen cleaned up a bit in that area.

    Passing, my only real gripe right now sometimes it feels good other times my skater isnt making animations and getting it off weirdly. Do you "have to" hold the right stick out now to get the passing animation or are they just missing from the game? Also they feel super slow at times and inaccurate, but this could also be an area where I need to make an adjustment.
  • G1ll1es
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    Thank-you EA sports for trying to "improve" on your game. I do have a few personal suggestions and I hope alot of people agree with me.

    I will do my best to keep this short and will elaborate and show examples if needed.

    Cybulski is always hyped. Find a mix please.

    1. Versus- lacks depth of speed. People should be getting burned way more often if they cant skate. EA logic (a.i) compensates for that making the game look fake and glitchy but providing "fair" gameplay.

    Proposed fix.
    1. Create a game mode called REAL not just competitive like it is now.
    2. Let people use their own sliders because you can atleast make a better hockey sim fine tuning those.
    3. More options for gameplay modes for online versus competitive.

    A.I is straight garbage. Please stop trying to fool us. The handicap is real its called artificial intelligence.

    last but not least because these improvements take time I know..

    Bring back a game mode where its online 6v6 competitive where your be a pro has individual sliders. Getting better stats depends on how well you actually play not how long youve played.

    Need I say more?

    Thanks for reading and as always,

    Have nice day
  • G1ll1es
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    When the puck goes out of play the players on ice wait until the whistle is called to raise their arm to signal puck is out of play.... Your kidding right?
  • G1ll1es
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    Let people buy the beta for 29.99 canadian and call it NHL hockey. Provide it the same gameplay updates and roster updates but lack all other game modes.

    Make.NHL hut a downloadable game worth 29.99 canadian called it HUT hockey by EA.

    Then sell the full game 79.99 each year and callnit NHL it's in the game.
  • I like it. I agree with whoever said it’s a more refined 19. I didn’t have much hope for this game after the initial release of info, but I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised.

    I enjoyed nhl 19 for the most part, and most of complaints I have about 19 are things that have been happening for years, so it’s not unique to that game.

    I like the new presentation, but I’m still on the fence about the play by play guy. The highlight replay between periods is awesome. The skating feels nice, and the rest of the game hasn’t been broken in the meantime.

    Vs was fun, and I didn’t really like it last year. I think the ai plays a bit better and it makes for better gameplay. I noticed my teammates bunching up a lot less this year. Last year I barely played vs because it was just a cluster-f of skaters running into each other.

    I do question the judgement of releasing this beta in this state. I have the sense the final game will be nothing like this because of all the stuff ea is holding out.

    Two things that need changed, too many pucks out of play, it ruins the flow of the game. The dman Ali is still not fixed in threes. He still tries to play like a forward all game. Really wish ea would fix that.

  • Why does it take forever for a player to complete a slapshot regardless of style? It’s completely useless at this stage.. huge wind up
  • Oh dear...that scoreboard has got to go! As a defender, that thing is annoying as all get out. I can't even see where my goalie is until I'm back in my zone.

    I like the improved polished look so far, but to be frank the actual gameplay is nothing different. I'm disappointed that the menu system couldn't be improved upon, since it is generally regarded as having way too many buttons to press to get into a game.

    Also very disappointed that for another year in a row, the only NHL experience I'll get in NHL 20 is a couple of club games a week. Drop in could have been fixed to allow us to pick teams and stadiums. Nothing was added at all, other than more of the circus gear.

    So far, underwhelming...certainly not enough difference to warrant a full price charge again, but I know if I want to play my league games I have no choice.

  • New Goalie intelligence ? Look at minute 5:13 penalty shot :-)
  • Froommey wrote: »
    New Goalie intelligence ? Look at minute 5:13 penalty shot :-)

    You're going to use this as an example for goaltending? The guy puts himself out of position. I mean, EA can't make up for human error.
  • jake19ny
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    Ok. After 5 online games here’s my 2 cents.

    It’s nice to have the new more realistic shooting and movements in addition to the new skating from last year but like last year it doesn’t translate into a better hockey game. Guys still take too long to cut and turn and at times look like they are still skating in mud.

    I don’t get the people saying you can’t play defense I played exactly the same as last year.

    The AI is identical to last year. That’s bad

    I saw some new goalie animations but I didn’t see that “awareness” EA touted. They still drop down too early and don’t seem to know where they are in the net. Money goals still work.

    Zero player separation....still....4th liner or a star....play exactly the same. Ugh

    The new commentary is way too arcade like but EA had made it clear they abandoned trying to capture a true NHL game and are leaning heavily on a more arcade experience and gimmick modes.

    I also don’t buy the excuse this is an early build and the game is probably different....why release it then if this isn’t where the game is close to being at as feedback would be pointless. Those expecting a much different game at release are in for a big disappointment.

    Final thought is this isn’t much more than NHL 19.2 and all of us offline true hockey sim guys need to accept that we will never get a true representation of the sport we love from EA. This development team displays over and over that they don’t understand the sport in which they are developing a game for and that they don’t care about the true hockey fan. Definitely not a preorder and unless something magical happens and we also get a roster share I simply don’t see any reason to buy this game.
  • VeNOM2099
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    Froommey wrote: »
    New Goalie intelligence ? Look at minute 5:13 penalty shot :-)

    Yeah... You backed up and camped the middle, then you went side to side and completely slid out of the way. What did you expect was going to happen? If the AI goalie did that, well that would be another story, but you were controlling him. Had you at least stayed in front of the shot and the goalie did the wrong animation for your location in front of the net, then yeah...
  • Roberts play by play name.is being called Peterson during a penalty
  • MooseHunter10
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    Roberts play by play name.is being called Peterson during a penalty

    "Austin" gets called "Manson" all the time

    edit: Do they only have the 12 AI play-by-play names in the beta?
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    EASHL player
  • Please oh please make ovp dedicated servers. I dont want to have to play hut just to have stable games. When the game has a good connection its pretty fun to play. I had two games yesterday where it was just miserable with the amount of lag.

    Also puck retention needs to be adjusted. It's like the puck is glued to the stick when poked on occasion. Lting is still in the game, just not as bad as it was in 19. Looks silly and not really something you would see in a hockey game.

    At higher levels the ragging the puck is going to be a huge issue at lower speeds. It's very difficult to bump them off when they curl away even with a flush hit. We also need a call a second defender in when someone is ragging behind the net. The ai just doesnt know what to do.

    The rest of the gameplay is pretty solid. Passing is weird, sometimes I dont get the power I'm thinking I will. Might just need to be an adjustment on my part. Saucer passes are a bit funky too, might just be a learning curve.
  • jrago73
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    1. Announcers in dropins is nice.
    2. Announcers are better, actually respond to events in the game.
    3. It might not matter to us in our 200th game but for now I like the play of the period replays.
    4. At least there are multiple dropin rinks now but some of the ambient noises I could do without.
    5. Scoreboard... when playing defense I hate it. It obstructs visibility in an intrusive way. It needs to be smaller, moveable, transparent and/or make the off screen player indicators not hide behind it. If I play this year I might go prefer down camera just to stop it from hampering my awareness.

    1. I like the increase in game flow due to the puck reception controls.
    2. Movement feels a bit more fluid, most of the time...
    3. Except for the 1 out 8 times you tell your defender to turn around and for some reason it takes him 3x longer.

    1. The puck seems too "bouncey".
    2. Too many goalie deflections go over the wall resulting in a lot of time added to games.
    3. It seems a little easier to bounce off checks on a curl.
    4. I like the new shooting angles and animations.

    A step backwards for tools.
    Poke check targeting seems off. Several times I had a player to my left, he holds the puck right, directly in front of me but the poke goes straight to the skates for a penalty. Our group stopped using poke checks altogether on day
    Sticklifts can be spammed but the skater takes it back 90% of the time anyway. We stopped using those too. Defense will be all pass interceptions and incidental contact this year.

    Pass interceptions are great. I feel like the luck has been eliminated and position is the only factor.

    Still give up glitch goals. Still make crazy saves or give up softies but the controlled rebounds are a much welcomed change, once they stop going over the wall so often.

    Overall it's a slight upgrade but I was still feeling bored with it on day 2. To be fair the other players heavily contributed to those feelings.
  • djb5f
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    Poke check is my main weapon but I can’t use it much. So many tripping penalties and not from spamming, many from hitting the like check just once.

    I am not great at checking, not my style, so yeah, about getting in passing and shooting lanes.

    Hope they tune down the tripping penalties.

    I agree it is already annoying facing guys who rag the puck. Too effective.

    Overall, still like it.
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