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In-tight 5-hole slapshot still exploit

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The in-tight 5-hole slapshot is still too much of an exploit. That's a shot that should go in perhaps 20-30% of the time, rather than the 95% it goes in. The goalie is left in a lose-lose situation. If he goes down too quickly, the puck carrier just walks around him. Wait a millisecond too late, and it's in the back of the net. The goalie's margin of error should be greater.


  • The one hand tuck exploit is still in the beta and still goes in 100% of the time
  • One handed tuck is a joke it should be nerfed
  • [quote="Treatmentworke66;c-2079016"]One handed tuck is a joke it should be nerfed [/quote]

    Or removed if they cant get it right imo
  • The spin o rama, skate around backwards exploit is another thing that needs to be addressed.
  • mikeq67
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    The one handed tuck is pathetic. They add it to the game and because it was a new feature they made it so it went every single time and havent bothered fixing it since.

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