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Open Letter to EA Sports (Just Another Consumer)

This is going to be just another person voicing their opinion on a game-series that I (used to) love. The series has seem some hurdles over the years but I have purchased every single EA NHL game since NHL 2001 (yes, even 2015 just to play the 2016 beta because this has basically been an abusive relationship with this company for as far as I can remember).

The 6v6 community has been absolutely disregarded and thrown to the wayside throughout this entire generation of console gaming. It all started years ago during the transition where EA abandoned the game mode entirely for the benefit of HUT (I know where the dollars come from -- I get it). But ever since then, the company has done very little to improve or generate interest for anything not named Hockey Ultimate Team.

I will not be buying NHL 20. It will be the first NHL game I don't purchase for two decades.

The absolute peak of this game series online was during the last console generation where gameplay was far more fluid, fast-paced and catered to creativity in how you played the game. It was never perfect but it was fun. It was rewarding. It launched the 6v6 community to establish their own leagues. The community was and is incredibly passionate about the game.

Now? I don't even see/feel the anger of seeing just a re-skinned NHL 17 with worse skating mechanics. It's just apathy. EA, I know you're only really concerned about the dollars you're bringing in with HUT (as clearly shown by comparing and contrasting literally every other game mode from NHL 16 to current day -- ie. next to ZERO development). But I can assure you the game is only going to continue to see your loyal fanbase abandon the game entirely for other options. I know I will.

If you feel that you are pleased enough to sustain yourself on HUT alone, so be it, but I'll be personally not buying an EA NHL game again until there is a massive overhaul to everything. The engine has been the same for how long? What did the development team 'actually' do over the course of a full year? If this is an issue of EA not providing the NHL development team with sufficient resources to make a worthwhile game year-to-year, then that's even more reason to stop buying this game and enabling this nonsense.

$90 CAD every year for a re-skinned NHL 16 with less features than its predecessor over a decade ago.

Just another person letting EA know that this beta is embarrassingly bad.


  • RSO75
    86 posts Member
    The game looks too cartoonish and the play by play announcer sounds like an televangelist, I turned the game off before the second period ended.
  • reengerg
    127 posts Member
    EA I 100% agree with the first 2 posters here......
  • G1ll1es
    38 posts Member
    The games actual engine hasnt changed since 2001 or something... Its the same ezaxt garbage engine they continue to work on ans perfect but cant add the stuff that would make it a good hockey representation because the ENGINE is not good. Ita mediocre and best when written by the best programmers.
  • G1ll1es
    38 posts Member
    edited July 2019
    There is a complete lack of work on the gameplay and way to much time putting new face masks in ones mode.

    No body wants face masks or stupid colour pants.. Its a hockey game.. Work on the on ice gameplay only foe like 4 years and then bring that other fluff in.

    That is all.

    [Socair - edited for caps lock use; please see the rules]
  • My club of 9 years and 5 years on PS3 are done and pretty much have been since This generation of systems complete and utter lack of respect shown towards EASHL and the die hard players. All they care about is HUT. Pathetic a game from 2012 plays better then this. I bet if they opened servers back up to 2012 and made it free to play and ported to ps4 more people would play that. Pretty sad when a certain someone took over the series every year it slowly made EASHL less fun and removed features every year to get people to play HUT. They divided the fanbase even more with this 1vs1vs1 and 3vs3 arcade and 3vs3 Club and spread the small player base across all these modes and wait times are horrible to get a game of Club 6vs6 now. Your lucky if you find a game in 10 minutes. Last gen it took 5 seconds to get a game found. Sad that the originating game of club play online with created players has died yet a game NBA2K that started Pro Am and Neighborhood club play that started 4 years later now have professional esports teams with said NBA counterpart and owners paying them to play a game. But EA has gone backwards.
  • 100% agree.

    At one point this was one of the most respected sports games available.

    This beta made me sick. I always turned the commentary all the way down in recent years, but figured I give this commentary a try. Sounds like NBA jams.

    Make NHL Jams if you want EA. Sell it for $19.99 US dollars to the kids that get excited about a colorful hat in a hockey bag. Make the official NHL series an actual NHL simulator where 6v6 isn't an absolutely horrendous mess. 19v19 rolling 4 fwd lines, 3 d lines, and a goalie would be most ideal, but I know that's probably too hard for the Walmart of game development to develop.

    Was really hoping 20 would be a step back in the right direction... Instead it doubles down on 19s horrendous flaws.
  • a1xFREAKx13
    35 posts Member
    edited July 2019
    uninstalled the beta, made me sick to my stomach, same game every yr..the player builds are trash and not even nhl calibre more like beer hockey league skill..6's community takes it on the chin every year now and im sick of it, uninstalled the beta and will not be buying nhl 16 V5, untill we actually get a new game guess ill go spend my money else where, EA has taken advantage of mee for far too long and im done

    will not buy any EA product again till the game is fixed..

    i have been play the nhl game since 93, goodbye EA , god knows we wont ever have a good game again.
  • You guys want a fun hockey game that's arcade like but not bad like EA. Try Bush Hockey League it's a throw back but with over the top fighting. But guess what my club mates from NHL by EA at least find this fun unlike this generation of NHL. Wish 2K got back in the Hockey business. YouTube old videos from like NHL2k7 the announcers in that game are amazing and that's 12 years ago on a old system.
  • I agree with all of you in this post ! Im staying on 19 at least its better than what 20 sounds like. We dont have a good team making the game so were stuck with frustration and mediocrity. Its how it goes i guess ! Such a shame !
  • twoorb
    52 posts Member
    I wish 2k would get involved again.
    The bar has never been lower on what it would take to win us all over.

    They could literally just re-skin and update 2k8/2k10 as a starting point and it'd do amazing I think.
  • kezz123
    609 posts Member
    edited July 2019
    Lets put it this way,

    i used to play ALL season long with my clubmates up until the release of the new NHL game Iwhcih really was never necessary when all they are is a patch at full game price tag). Now, I download the beta, play 2-5 games and I am done. Havent touched the beta since downloading it and have no interest in doing so again.

    Laggy menus that are completely shameful
    clunky gameplay unfun club. unfun "hockey" with little in the sense of creativity and realism despite the game striving so hard to be realistic. To me, the old days of nhl 09-12 were more realistic than what we have today despite how floaty and arcade it was and it was actually fun to play. You had the tools to play fun offense you had tools to play fun defense and you had tools to play fun goalie.

    Ironically, I played more "slapshot" on steam (yah, the game that looks like a glorified Pong) than NHL in the last 5 years combined.
  • Dixonyu
    675 posts Member
    I agree with all of you in this post ! Im staying on 19 at least its better than what 20 sounds like. We dont have a good team making the game so were stuck with frustration and mediocrity. Its how it goes i guess ! Such a shame !

    Ea has only one year stepped up their game and went above and beyond, in NHL 04 when they got Marc Crawford in , who was the hottest coach at the time ... Probably won't see that kind of love in any series ea does again .
  • stattiman
    1 posts New member
    They've added another element that can't be beat... protect the puck is like god mode in other games...it's pathetic.
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