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Chat window while playing

Does anyone else have this stupid chat window from club that won't go away during the play? Its always been on my in game screen and every time I hit the touch pad, it brings it up. Is there a setting that I did to make this come up or is my game bugged?


  • BlahQGhozT
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    edited July 2019
    It's in the accessibility options. There's a tab for chat options or something like that. Make sure both are off.

    I assume it's supposed to replace the in-game chat for the DR and they wanted it to show in game as well as a cool feature for those who may not want to use mics. I haven't seen it work, personally, but I think your team members also have to have it enabled for them to see the messages. This is only a guess though.
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  • Thank you very much
  • Diesel877
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    Yeah I think EA could learn a lot from Rocket League; even aside from the in-game chat
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