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Why don’t we have a way to toggle gameplay cameras?

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With having all the cameras and a way to toggle between two why can’t we take 2 different camera angles for different situations? When you toggle now you get two not at all different views other than on overhead where you get to bump back to the where your player is or to where the puck is. I think it would be nice to be able to play in tight when you want to see the net better or get around players like ex: using overhead and action just by clicking something. I don’t know if it’s just not possible but if your able to move the camera I think it would have to be possible.


  • would be nice to make the touch pad switch between 2 cameras. I was thinking this for years too. all I play is drop-in EASHL and I use the action cam and always shoot up. but when the puck is behind the net, it is hard to see so I would like to switch to overhead before switching back and using the touchpad to do that would be great but its ea we are talking about here so....you know.
  • I thought in EASHL it would be huge but even in HUT or just in general it would be a huge addition. Everyone that I’ve listened to says that the game is meant or made at a low camera angle but the best camera is overhead to see the ice... why is that I can’t change between the best camera to see the ice and see what I’m doing in close with moves and shooting in the offensive zone when I want? Seems like it can be possible.
  • Would be awesome if we chose which 2 cameras we want to use and be able to switch between the 2 whenever we want.
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