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Drop ins CHEL

What is going on with match ups for drop ins? I get put on these long streaks with totally sub par teammates. My last game my opponents were a 900,800 and 700 cr, and both my teammates were 400's. Something needs to be figured out and I'm tired of people saying they're just trying to make the games fair. Having 400s play against other 400s would make the game fair. It seems like a shady algorithm that needs to be fixed


  • Gifto73
    126 posts Member
    It’s friends teaming up against randoms. Basically if your alone don’t drop in unless you want to play the worst games of your life. It’s another reason why we can’t grow the community. Imagine being new to the game. I think it’d be the most frustrating experience ever.
  • If you have 2000 games under your belt this season, you shouldn't have to play with someone that's played 20. And it's always those clowns sending you clowny messages. They should at very least base the match-ups on how many games you've played
  • Agreed
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