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    I see it differently.
    There are a lot of hidden bugs in the game.
    - Each time my player runs to Puck, he stops for a moment, then keeps running, but then the opponent is already at the puck
    - I want to match X, but do not go, player is free
    -I want to shoot, do not go, player is free

    I do not know if your gamer in US has a different game play than in the rest of the world.


    [Socair - edited to remove legal talk]

    I totally agree. I have been playing this franchise for many many years. I used to preorder and buy NHL series on a yearly basis but all that changed after NHL 08. I recuse to buy anything by EA I just get it for free otherwise I never would have continued playing it. This has become the biggest garbage of the franchise where you have so many problems that were put in the game on purpose. They have to make people spend money somehow.

    Why is it that:
    -as soon as I am up by one or two goals my passing rarely goes in the direction I aimed it in
    - my passer/shooter waits to be hit so it lags in commands,
    - as soon as I get the puck my own AI teammate skates into me (it happens every time I pick up the puck from opposing AI)
    - opposing AI has no problem pokechecking and succeeding on the first try regardless of how far they qre
    - opposing AI can block, pickup, hook up and or lift my stick from a very far distance
    - I never get the same kind of support from my AI teammates unlike the opposing AI
    - if I try to poke check or even breath I get a penalty where as opposing AI will make the puck go over the boards and not get called on a penalty, but even when they ram my players head first into the boards from behind (I got called for game misconduct when I did the exact same play)
    - regardless of what I do to the settings it is always the same result to which my players never benefit from only the opposing AI does
    - I'll average 39 shots per game yet ill score maybe 3 goals if I am lucky, while the AI team will average 14 shots with 5-6 goals per game (my goalie never responds the same way as the opposing AI regardless who I play as)
    - if my poke check does work the puck goes back to the opposing AI anyway
    - completed passes if and when they go to the intended target will make you feel like its Christmas due to the poor gameplay
    - better yet how I am unable to pick up the puck even though I am right over top of it while opposing AI can pick it up from 40' away

    Every time I had sent something in to the devs they brushed it off and ignored it. Years before they would just argue how "players just don't know how to play the game" which has been disproved by them with the release of the next years game, many times over.

    This is only a fraction of the issues with the last installment which has been only getting worse. I am so glad I have stopped buying this garbage. Just because EA puts something back into the game does not make it "new" feature because it is not. The laziness and the greed coming from EA is beyond ridiculous. They know exactly why they are getting so much hate. When they stop treating their fanbase like "unintelligent morons" and stop calling the true fans "haters" because EA can't handle constructive criticism, they need to focus on making actually good games.

    You can bet I will not be buying NHL20, their gameplay and creativity just keeps going down the drain so why would it be any different this year. I can only imagine how much worse it will be. Maybe it's time for the franchise to go to someone else who will actually take time and pride into creating and giving us something really special.

    Never before have I played a more unbalance game, as well as where hard work and the settings mean absolutely nothing.

    I have been saying the same thing now for 2 years. People say that I'm getting outplayed. How am I getting outplayed when my player won't pick up the puck, my player can't hit nobody. None of my passes go through?
  • It's called "we cater to people who do not know how to play so they will continue to buy year after year" EA is literally known for doing that in any of its sports games.....
  • It's called "we cater to people who do not know how to play so they will continue to buy year after year" EA is literally known for doing that in any of its sports games.....

    Or, more accurately, "some people have a better internet connection, and more importantly a better pathway to the servers. Unfortunately reality and physics dictates there's no way to eliminate this fact, so some people will have an inherent advantage purely on geographic location and quality of infrastructure between them and the server "

    I honestly don't understand why everything in between the user and ea servers are entirely ignored as if it has no bearing on the quality of connection, by most people complaining.
  • Yes i have Problem, too
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