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Getting shredded already

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Now generally I take reviews as grains of sand. This year however I'll do the responsible thing and wait till November for this to be in the $20 used bin before I buy it. How can year after year EA screw things up.......

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  • Skipping it myself. I've bought every NHL game on release day since NHL 07, and I just can't anymore. The beta felt like the exact same thing I've been paying $60 for every year, and reports from early access players lead me to believe that not much has changed since then.

    I miss when they had competition, but to be fair the 2K series failed for a reason and I can't see a bunch of people swarming over to 2K if they did throw their hat in the NHL ring again. It was just nice when EA had to actually put an effort into their games in order to remain on top. This entire generation (NHL 15-20) has felt beyond lazy and it sucks knowing that my favorite sport's video game feels absolutely miserable to play.
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